ExpertFlyer’s New ‘One-on-One’ Blog Goes Face-to-Face With Travel Industry’s Leading Decision Makers

April 7, 2010

NEW YORK, April 7 /PRNewswire/ – ExpertFlyer.com, the premier air travel information tool offering complete and efficient ways to access the ever changing details of worldwide air travel information, has announced a new monthly interview blog series titled, “One-on-One.” The blog goes face-to-face with the travel industry’s leading decision makers to discuss and address topics relevant to many of today’s business and frequent travelers.

Each month, One-on-One will sit with industry insiders to discuss changes in travel policies, new travel programs, innovative technologies, and other topics important to travelers. This month, ExpertFlyer spoke with Cory Garner, Director of Merchandising Strategy for American Airlines to discuss where the process of “unbundling” airline services began and how a seemingly unpopular business practice might actually be good for the travel industry and its customers. Follow this link to read the entire interview http://blog.expertflyer.com/.

“ExpertFlyer is designed to empower our customers by providing valuable information they can’t find anywhere else on the Internet to help enhance their overall travel experience,” explains Chris Lopinto, President and Co-founder of ExpertFlyer.com. “Our new ‘One-on-One‘ blog was created as a platform where industry leaders, policy makers, and corporate executives can give an insider’s perspective on the travel industry, further empowering travelers with information they didn’t have before,” Mr. Lopinto added.

“ExpertFlyer’s new One-on-One blog gives us an opportunity to discuss new policies we are setting at the airline and explain our rationale and why we believe new business practices and increased transparency and choice will benefit our customers and our airline,” explains Cory Garner at American Airlines. “Frankly, it is neither our policy nor in our best interest to create programs that hurt our customers. One-on-One is a great way for us to explain the changes in the industry and dispel some of the myths and misconceptions about unbundled services,” Mr. Garner concluded.

In the coming months, ExpertFlyer will sit down with executives and decision makers from Bing Travel, Wyndham Hotels, and other executives who help shape the travel industry.

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