Creditor Authorizes Sale of Complete Turnkey Wet Corn Milling Facility by Orderly Negotiated Sale

April 7, 2010

DIMMITT, Texas, April 7 /PRNewswire/ — Schneider Industries, Inc., (www.schneiderind.com) announces the orderly negotiated sale of a complete, turnkey milling facility in Dimmitt, Texas, according to Dan Rosenthal, Chief Operating Officer.

“This is a turn-key operation,” Rosenthal said. “The secured creditor has authorized Schneider Industries to sell all equipment, the building, a 26-acre parcel and 1,200 acres of dry farm land. This wet corn milling facility is capable of producing steep water, corn germ, wet fiber-bran, starch slurry, and gluten meal, processing up to 65,000 bushels per day.”

The 1,200 acres of dry farm land features a Wind Test Meteorological Data Unit and a 29-acre settling pond with half mile pivot. The property has 14 60,000-gallon stainless steel tanks. Production capacity of the facility includes: 482 tons per day of steep water; 122.2 tons per day of corn germ dry; 392 tons per day of wet fiber bran; 5,285,850 pounds per day (168,035 gallons) of starch slurry; and 82.2 tons per day of gluten meal.

Major systems in the facility include: Dedert Evaporator System, five-effect evaporator system for steep water; three centrifuges – two Dorroliver and one Westfalia; Dorr-Oliver starch washing system with various Dorr-Oliver clamshell units; numerous DSM screens used to dewater and destarch; Sprout Bauer three-stage grinding mill; steeping battery area includes stainless steel tanks; three rotary vacuum filters used to dewater gluten; gluten flash drying system; mill house; service area with three boilers, many air compressors and water treatment system; and a refinery with 14 60-gallon stainless steel tanks with agitator.

Services on the property include heat exchangers, surge tanks, water softeners, pumps, air compressors, boilers, chemical storage and handling, and cooling towers.

Broker participation is encouraged. For more information, including a complete equipment list and photos, visit www.schneiderind.com, or call 314-863-7711 .

Headquartered in St. Louis, MO, Schneider Industries, Inc., maintains offices in the United States and Mexico, providing surplus real estate and equipment sales for clients.

SOURCE Schneider Industries, Inc.

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