Advanced Modern Technology Corp Introduces First Water Saving Urinal Handle

April 8, 2010

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., April 8 /PRNewswire/ — Advanced Modern Technologies Corporation (AMTC) has announced today the availability of a water saving green urinal handle for the commercial restroom. The HALF-FLUSH retrofit flush handle for urinals is an industry first. It is designed to reduce the flush volume of a urinal by one half.

In addition to their HALF-FLUSH retrofit urinal handle, AMTC also offers a solution for the toilet. AMTC’s DUALFLUSH retrofit flush handle for toilets enables a user to select a full or reduced flush volume. While other manufacturers offer a dual flush handle, AMTC’s is the only unit that saves water by pushing down on the flush handle, requiring no change in user behavior to save water.

AMTC’s retrofit flush handles can quickly and cost effectively convert the installed base of urinal and toilet fixtures to the high-efficiency standard without the need to change the existing porcelain. The products can be installed by a layperson in about one minute and have a suggested retail price of just $60.00/unit. Payback on the handles based on water savings and sewer charge savings is less than one year.

“Until now, the options for cost effective retrofit solutions were highly limited,” said Leo Maercovich, Vice President of Sales. “By focusing on this under-served market, we are enabling facilities to save millions of gallons of water at a fraction of the cost of new construction. Payback on ripping out the porcelain may be twelve years. Payback on retrofit is less than one year — and you can get to the same half gallon flush.”

All AMTC retrofit products have been tested by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials and are marked to indicate that they are a water saving device. The “Green” collar on AMTC’s retrofit flush handles and the accompanying signage affords a facility the opportunity to visually communicate to its employees and visitors that “this facility is taking environmentally responsible steps to preserve Mother Natures’ resources and to conserve water usage dramatically.”

AMTC (www.amtcorporation.com) is the leading innovative manufacturer of high quality, reliable, and cost-effective automated washroom systems and water saving devices created for people who use and service Away From Home (AFH) washrooms.

AMTC is dedicated to the goal of water conservation through the cost-effective conversion (rather than replacement) of the existing infrastructure of functioning urinal and toilet fixtures to the high efficiency standard.

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