ORS Selects Space Micro to Develop Avionics for Responsive Space Missions

April 9, 2010

SAN DIEGO, April 9 /PRNewswire/ — Space Micro announced today that it has been awarded $100,000 by the Department of Defense’s Operationally Responsive Space (ORS) Office for a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract to develop an avionics package for responsive space missions utilizing CubeSats or other nanosatellites.

This contract will build upon Space Micro’s existing avionics package, the ProtonX-Box(TM), but will focus on reducing size, weight, and power to better meet the needs of nanosatellites that might be used for quick turn (responsive) satellites. These satellites will have the capability to launch on demand in order to quickly support ground forces operations. The final product will consist of stacked circuit boards that can be quickly swapped to meet specific mission requirements.

To be effective in a responsive CubeSat, satellite subsystems must be quickly and cost-effectively selected and integrated to meet very short mission timelines. The resulting avionics system would be small enough to fit into a CubeSat, yet powerful enough to run an ESPA-class satellite.

About Space Micro

Space Micro Inc specializes in payload and communications equipment for satellites, and is a pioneer and leader in technologies that enable COTS electronic devices to be deployed in space. Radiation in space is damaging to electronics. Space Micro developed patented technologies to mitigate radiation effects on state-of-art commercial electronics. Space Micro offers space-qualified radiation hardened microelectronics, from radiation hardened by design (RHBD) technologies to space rated single board computers (RH SBC). Space Micro offers the world’s fastest space radiation hardened line of Proton(TM) Series RH computers, including the Proton200k(TM) DSP-based RH SBC, Proton300k(TM) SRAM-based reconfigurable space computer, and Proton400k(TM) and Proton400kL(TM) multi-core PowerPC-based RH SBC. In addition to satellite computers, Space Micro offers satellite communications equipment such as a micro radiation hardened software defined radio, Space-Ground Link System (RH SGLS / RH SGLS-USB / RH STDN transponders), RH Ka-Band transmitter, X/UHF/VHF-Band transponders, and power amplifiers (RH PA). Other Space Micro developments include TTMR(TM) (Time Triple Modular Redundancy), H-CORE(TM) circuitry for single events functional interrupt (SEFI) mitigation, SEMS(TM) Space Weather Box, and Divert Attitude Control System (RH DACS). Technologies currently under development include DDR2 SDRAM memory for advanced space processors. Space Micro is an employee-owned company based in San Diego, Calif., USA.

AF approved: 377ABW-2010-0575

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