The National Space Society Announces the 2010 International Space Conference

April 15, 2010

May 27th-May 31st at the Intercontinental Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois

CHICAGO, April 15 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The National Space Society’s International Space Development Conference is where astronauts, scientists, entrepreneurs, officials, activists and other citizens who look forward to the “final frontier” gather each year. Regular features include talks by government and industry leaders, panels on the latest developments in space technology and related fields, exhibits from NASA and private space companies, and an unparalleled opportunity to meet and interact with the people who make the future happen.

This conference is for all people, not just rocket scientists. Meet the space-interested and enthusiastic public. Find out why we want to “go” and why we feel it’s important for the next step in continuing humanity’s place in the universe.

The conference will include speakers and celebrities from all over the world. Some confirmed at this time include:

Mr. Hugh Downs, Chair Board of Governors

Dr. Buzz Aldrin, Board of Governors

Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator

Dr. Freeman Dyson, Premier Scientist and Author

Peter Diamandis, Founder of the X-Prize

Harrison Schmitt, Apollo 17 Astronaut

Richard Garriott, Civilian Astronaut

Tim Pickens, Former President, Orion Propulsion

Media Contact:

Karen Mermel

Email: kmermel@yahoo.com

The National Space Society (NSS) is an independent, grassroots, non-profit organization dedicated to the creation of a space-faring civilization. Founded in 1974, NSS is widely acknowledged as the preeminent citizen’s voice on space. NSS counts thousands of members and more than 50 chapters in the United States and around the world. The society also publishes Ad Astra magazine, an award-winning periodical chronicling the most important developments in space. For more information about NSS, visit www.nss.org. For more information about the conference (and to register), visit http://www.isdc2010.org

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