Spectra Watermakers Are Three Times More Energy Efficient Than Any in Class

April 21, 2010

SAN RAFAEL, Calif., April 21 /PRNewswire/ — Spectra Watermakers Inc., a leading Northern California manufacturer of energy-efficient reverse osmosis (RO) sea water desalination systems and energy recovery pumps for the marine and land-based water treatment business, announced the successful life testing of their latest high-pressure energy recovery pump. “The next model in the Pearson Pump line is performing at less than 2KWH of energy per Ton of fresh water from sea water,” said Bill Edinger, president of Spectra. “For reverse osmosis desalination systems producing up to ten thousand gallons a day, the Pearson Pump maintains our position as the builder of the most energy efficient small plant available today.”

Spectra Watermakers has been producing the lowest energy consumption watermakers for the marine industry for fifteen years. The “Clark Pump” energy recovery pressure amplifier, Spectra’s first innovative and proprietary development, is still the technology used in their small boat watermakers, with thousands of units installed in vessels sailing the world.

Last year, Spectra introduced the first model of their new energy recovery pump technology, the Pearson Pump. The Pearson Pump represents a breakthrough in the evolution and enhancement of positive displacement reciprocating pump design. This elegant invention combines feed water pumping and energy recovery into a single unit. Weighing thirty two pounds, the pump head is manufactured from engineered composites and super duplex stainless steel. The Pearson Pump will be available in several sizes and models for a range of designed applications and product water output.

Today, the model SP-5 Pearson Pump has undergone forty thousand hours of life testing and is installed in over one hundred Spectra desalination units, successfully operating on vessels at sea, the desert of Dubai, Iraq, and Island installations in the South Pacific. These installations include the Spectra RO module that incorporates the Pearson Pump, drive motor, and RO membranes. Spectra Modules have also been integrated into units built by other manufacturers of water treatment systems. In several of these applications, the energy efficiency of the Pearson Pump has enabled the use of solar and wind energy to power products built for humanitarian, disaster relief, agriculture, and off-grid uses.

Spectra’s continuing research and development in the field of energy efficiency and energy recovery has lead to their participation in two DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) contracts. Presently, Spectra is contracted for the energy recovery and high pressure pump component of an advanced DARPA project to develop the state of the art in reverse osmosis water desalination.

About Spectra Watermakers

Spectra Watermakers Inc. is a privately held firm headquartered in San Rafael California. The company was formed by Bill Edinger in 1976 as Edinger Marine Service, Inc., a marine equipment and systems integrator. In the mid 90s the company focused on developing and manufacturing the “Clark Pump” energy recovery innovation and reverse osmosis desalination systems exclusively. Today, the Spectra Watermakers product line is distributed globally, with agencies located world wide. For more information go to http://www.spectrawatermakers.com and http://www.spectralandbased.com.

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