WI Environmental Surpasses China National Standard

April 21, 2010

SEATTLE, April 21 /PRNewswire/ — Just in time for Earth Day 2010, WI Environmental LLC a U.S. environmental company announces it is the first and only company to date to achieve and surpass the Chinese National Standard for remediation of hexavalent chromium. WI Environmental’s trademarked chemical XR-88 renders inert heavy metals including lead, zinc, nickel and arsenic and others. It’s estimated over 10 million metric tons exist in China and it’s believed India has the same problem. Hexavalent chromium is a by-product of certain manufacturing processes and is outlawed in many countries including the U.S. due to its highly toxic and deadly consequences to human life and the environment.

WI Environmental working with a Shandong company performed over 100 tests and verifications. The final result was not only obtaining the Chinese National Standard but exceeding it by more than double. XR-88′s advanced technology requires little equipment cost and is extremely cost effective as it treats most contaminants such as wastewater and acid mine drainage with a mere .1 to .2% solution.

“Emerging nations are now starting to realize the cost of industrialization and profits and the severe consequences to human health without proper laws and enforcement,” said Timothy Wandell, president of WI Environmental. “We had a great five year experience in China and found their people very hard working and committed to China’s environmental well being. Our company looks forward to working with governments and companies in Asia to assist in their pollution remediation goals.”

Due to the worldwide need for usable water and average cost of $1 to $2 per treated ton in regards to most applications XR-88 answers many countries needs for pollution remediation for safe water and food sources. Heavy metal and poison contamination in rivers, lakes and soil resulting in contaminated air, water and soil is a major concern effecting human health in a wide variety including escalation of cancer and medical costs at a staggering rate.

WI Environmental

WI Environmental LLC is an environmental solution company founded to combat heavy metal contaminants worldwide. It licenses qualified governments and companies for manufacturing and distribution of its products and technologies for air, water and soil remediation systems. It’s the sole licensed company for XR-88 production, and a member of Washington State China Relations Council. Contact info@wienvironmental or www.wienvironmental.com.

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