TreeZero(TM) Introduces Innovative Tree-Free Copy Paper – TreeFrog(TM)

April 22, 2010

ATLANTA, April 22 /PRNewswire/ — TreeZero(TM), dedicated to providing the most eco-friendly paper products available, announced today the introduction of its tree-free copy paper – TreeFrog(TM). Made from 100 percent sugar cane and bamboo fibers and containing no wood or wood-based fibers, TreeFrog offers an innovative option in the paper product category to green the supply chain.

TreeFrog is a premium 20 lb., 92 brightness multipurpose copy paper comparable to tree-derived paper. Currently available in 8.5″ x 11″ and constructed entirely of sugar cane (bagasse) and bamboo, TreeFrog is suited for everyday, high-volume use and can be recycled with traditional paper made from trees.

“As more companies are becoming environmentally responsible, they are seeking greater resources to help accomplish their green initiatives,” said Mike Nilan, TreeZero CEO. “TreeZero was founded in 2009 and is proud to now introduce TreeFrog in order to address the need for environmentally sustainable practices, starting with paper products.”

TreeFrog utilizes the by-products of sugar cane and bamboo, both of which are abundant and renewable resources. The paper is elemental chlorine free and uses 10 to 15 percent less bleach than wood fiber copy paper. Further lessening its environmental impact, the TreeFrog production facility is located a short distance from the sugar cane factory, streamlining the delivery process and reducing pollutants from logging trucks.

“Trees can take ten or more years to mature, whereas bamboo can grow to full height in three to four months and sugar cane can be harvested twice a year. The benign sourcing of our materials, combined with our environmentally-mindful production process provides a sustainable copy paper solution and has significant positive impact on global forest preservation,” said Nilan.

TreeFrog is currently available for pre-sale by calling (800) 333-7179 and will be available nationwide Fall 2010. A limited quantity is currently available for purchase at www.macbp.com/treefreepaper or by visiting any Mini Mac store in the Atlanta area.

For additional product information, visit www.treefrogpaper.com.

About TreeZero

TreeZero is dedicated to providing the most environmentally-friendly paper products on Earth. All TreeZero products are 100 percent tree free, meaning they contain no wood or wood-based fibers including post-consumer waste that originated in wood. Founded in 2009 to address the growing need for environmentally sustainable practices in the paper industry, TreeZero is ISO 9001 certified and provides the highest quality products that eliminate the need to log forests for paper consumption. Striving to further its commitment to and responsibility for the environment, TreeZero currently offers a tree-free copy paper called TreeFrog. For additional information, visit www.treezeropaper.com.


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