ArounderTouch: A First-Class Ticket to Your Flights of Fancy

April 27, 2010

LUGANO, Switzerland, April 27, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Imagine the luxury of
worldwide travel being virtually real for everyone. It’s true at
http://Arounder.com, an online travel magazine, offering lifestyle, cultural,
historic and economic information on cities and destinations spanning our

Providing “world-class” content and the “best of” quality,
http://www.arounder.com went mobile by launching ArounderTouch — a free
iPhone app — in Italy on December 3, 2009. Now the current 200,000+ users
welcome the world as ArounderTouch 1.1 becomes available globally.

Arounder’s main attractions are 360-degree, fullscreen panoramas of
3,500+ locations – including new destinations of:

Rio de Janeiro, New York, London, Sydney, Moscow, Rapanui, Tahiti,
Krakow, Montreal, Hawaii, and Mars.

And since these were created by guest photographers intimately familiar
with their locations, Arounder showcases the best in VR panoramic art:

AYRTON, Will Pearson, Sam Rohn, Oleg Gaponyuk, Aaron Spence, Andrey
, Gregory Panayotou, Szymon Madey, Dean Karamehmedovic, Jean Pierre
and Hans Nyberg.

    Multimedia Press Release:


Website: http://www.aroundertouch.com

Download: http://itunes.com/apps/aroundertouch/

With “on-the-go” access, the combination of photographic artistry and
digital technology heightens the sense of “being there”…anywhere. Also the
updated version ArounderTouch 1.1 features:

    - Notification of new content

    - Editors' picks

    - Enhanced panorama interface design and settings

    - Mail and Facebook sharing

    - Nine languages: Italian, English, French, Japanese, Russian, Chinese,
      German, Spanish and Portuguese.


Let’s take a quick tour with ArounderTouch beginning in paradise where
Hawaii’s surf beckons a dive deep in blue water to explore plane wreckage.
Soak up the sun in exotic Tahiti while swimming with the dolphins, upclose
and personal. Then stand in wonder at the monumental Moai statues on the
Easter Islands. Pay homage to unknown soldiers in the Krakow Military
Cemetery on All Saints’ Day. Visit Moscow and take a river ride for a
spectacular view of the Kremlin. Feel the energy of Manhattan from the top
of a skyscraper to the crowds in Times Square. Descend even lower in
Montreal’s Underground City, a labyrinth of corridors beneath the Capital.
Want more action? Celebrate in the midst of Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival. Enjoy
more cultured entertainment at the Sydney Opera House. Go clubbing in
London’s hottest nightspots. And, if you wish to see real stars, experience
the ultimate adventure by landing on Mars.

    Hold the world in the palm of your hand with ArounderTouch!

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