Innovative GaiaRecycle(TM) Organic Waste Recycling Systems Now Available for U.S. Markets

April 29, 2010

SILICON VALLEY, Calif., April 29 /PRNewswire/ — Gaia Corporation, the industry-leading global provider of organic waste recycling systems, today announced its expansion of operations to the United States with the launch of GaiaRecycle, LLC. The company will showcase the GaiaRecycle system in Atlanta at Waste Expo 2010 (Gaia booth #4715).

GaiaRecycle employs patented technology developed by Gaia Corporation, with its 18 years of research and operational experience, to turn food scraps and other organic waste into rich soil amendments and energy resources. The GaiaRecycle system provides innovative organic waste recycling and animal oil extraction solutions to U.S. industries including food service providers, food retailers, food producers, livestock processing plants and compost facilities.

“GaiaRecycle leverages proven technology coupled with the latest clean technology and business innovations from Silicon Valley,” said Young Song, CEO of GaiaRecycle, LLC. “Diversion of food scraps currently requires a lengthy process for developing local ecosystems to create a source-separated program, and an infrastructure for hauling and composting that requires many third-party dependencies. With GaiaRecycle systems, it provides a fast track for businesses to rapidly roll out an onsite organic recycling program, turn waste into valuable resources, and enhance corporate sustainability towards zero-waste without dependence on third-party operators.”

Proven, Patented Technology

Gaia’s organic waste recycling systems currently process over 80,000 kg of food waste daily from supermarkets, restaurants and food processing facilities. With Gaia Corporation’s “double helix” shredder and blade design technology, GaiaRecycle systems provide a fast, easy and highly efficient onsite recycling process to decompose and dehydrate food scraps and organic waste into high-quality soil amendments and potential energy resources. With processing typically completed in approximately eight to nine hours, waste volume and weight are reduced by up to 90 percent.

GaiaRecycle also features a unique option for extracting animal oil for high-quality bio-diesel refinement and dried fat that is suitable for use as animal feed. Compared to other food scraps decomposition machines, GaiaRecycle employs a proprietary six-step deodorizer process with patented technology to eliminate unpleasant odors.

GaiaRecycle features an extensive line of organic waste recycling systems ranging from compact units for small-volume users to plant-level implementations, and processing capacities from 30 kg to 100 tons per day. The system’s compact design enables easy on-site installation with low maintenance operations. A wide variety of materials can be loaded into the GaiaRecycle system, including mixed food scraps, chicken bones and liquids without causing jamming or downtime. No microorganism, enzymes, fresh water or other additives are required for operation.

“Gaia’s deployment of organic waste recycling systems in Asia and Europe over the last decade is helping to divert 80,000+ kg of organic waste into valuable resources daily,” said Peter Choi, CEO of Gaia Corporation. “The Environmental Protection Agency has stated that organic waste represents over 30 percent of solid waste every year in the U.S., and food scraps are the largest organic segment that has not been successfully addressed. We are very excited to launch GaiaRecycle to expand this technology into the U.S. since organic waste is both a global and an environmental issue.”

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About GaiaRecycle, LLC

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA, GaiaRecycle, LLC is focused on providing U.S. markets with the same high level of success that has been achieved with Gaia Corporation’s organic waste recycling systems which have been in full production since 1992, and deployed in a wide array of commercial and industrial applications in over eight countries.

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