Meadow Burke Announces the Release of the MB Erector Connector Generation II

April 29, 2010

TAMPA, Fla., April 29 PRNewswire/ — Leading provider and innovator of concrete accessories, Meadow Burke, announces the release of the MB Erector Connector Generation II.

Skip Francies, National Precast Manager for Meadow Burke says, “The new MB Erector Connector improves overall safety, while reducing time and maintenance costs specifically associated with parking garage projects.”

Leader in concrete accessories, Meadow Burke is a forerunner in both the building process and product development. The Tampa-based company has a 70-year legacy as a leader in the manufacturing and distributing of concrete lifting systems and accessories. They are known for their quality, reliability and dependability, with product innovation in the forefront.

The new MB Erector Connector Generation II creates a 100% stress free connection by adjoining concrete double tees and/or concrete wall panels with only one weld. With only one weld, the product eliminates seismic tension, fatigue and cracking in parking garage projects. Most traditional systems use multiple welds or plates to connect double tees and concrete wall panels; the intense heat of multiple welds often times weakens the concrete.

With the MB Erector Connector System, there is no need for plates or multiple slugs. The system includes a Type-A and Type-B Erector Connector. To complete the connection, a nylon tie is pulled and the weld plate is slid until it is flush against the adjacent Type-B Connector, making a single weld. The joint width can vary from zero to over one inch for true ease and flexibility, while maintaining a high resistance capacity to horizontal and vertical shear.

As a result of having only one weld, there are no slugs, tension cracks, or repairs, which can translate into substantial savings in time, material and maintenance. Like other Meadow Burke innovations, the MB Erector Connector can improve overall worker safety and reduce costs, further adding great value to parking garage projects.

For additional information on the MB Erector Connector Generation II, or other Meadow Burke products call 877-518-7665 or visit their website at www.meadowburke.com.

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