540,000 lbs of Dispersants Rushed to New Orleans to Fight Oil Spill

May 4, 2010

BUFFALO, N.Y., May 4 /PRNewswire/ — National Airlines, a wholly owned subsidiary of National Air Cargo (NAC), announced today that it expedited delivery of over 540,000 lbs of COREXIT oil spill dispersants to Louisiana. The dispersants are sprayed onto the oil slick to reduce the cohesiveness of the oil, allowing it to disperse into the water column as fine droplets. The oil is then readily biodegraded by microorganisms in the sea. Time is of the essence after an oil spill because over time, the oil can became too viscous or emulsified to be readily dispersed, making an expedited delivery critical to clean up efforts.

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“The delivery of the oil spill dispersants is extremely time critical due to the heavy environmental cost of having it arrive later – the product itself has a ‘window of opportunity’ where it is most effective,” stated Christopher Alf (Chris Alf) of National Air Cargo.

National Airlines was chosen for this mission because of the company’s record of performance for critical, time sensitive shipments requiring a quick response and flexibility under stressful environments. National Airlines employs a “two hour call out”, which means that from the moment the flight is contracted, it is airborne within two hours. Virtually no other large aircraft operators will commit to that emergency response condition.

Since Saturday, six planes have picked up 90,000 lbs of dispersant each from Anchorage International Airport and delivered it directly to New Orleans International airport.

“We hope our quick response will lessen the affects of the oil spill on the ecosystem and the livelihoods of the people of Louisiana,” continued Chris Alf.

The National Research Council concluded in 1989 that the overall impact of spilled oil is likely to be reduced by dispersion.

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