Los Angeles AM PM Appliance Repair Technician Reveals Kitchen Range Maintenance Tips

May 11, 2010

LOS ANGELES, May 11 /PRNewswire/ — Many home service calls by an AM PM Appliance Repair Los Angeles specialist can be avoided by some routine home owner preventive maintenance, especially in the case of combination oven and stove – or range – units. Familiarity with the correct operation and normal appearance of a functional range can alert the owner to parts showing signs of wear, providing ample time to call a qualified repair person to repair or replace the part before it fails completely.

- Regular and thorough cleaning. Surface clean the range top and oven to clean up after routine spills that happen during the cooking process. Deep cleaning should be done at least once a week for a kitchen range subject to normal use. Commercial ranges are deep cleaned at least twice a day, usually before a shift change and after the last use of the day. Deep cleaning involves removing and cleaning the pot supports, cleaning the gas jets or electric elements, and cycling the oven to self-clean, then cleaning the resulting residue. If heating elements fail or show signs of wear, call an AM PM, Los Angeles Appliance Repairman to schedule a service call.

- Cleaning the oven window, gaskets, hinges and latches. Worn gaskets can result in hot and cold spots from heat loss. A fallen cake is a potential sign of uneven heating from a faulty gasket. Gasket replacement for most ranges will need professional attention, as provided by AM PM Los Angeles Appliance Repair.

- Control panels, piezoelectric ignition and switches. These are electronic microcircuits used to set temperature, cooking timers, clocks and similar devices. Most ranges do not have user-serviceable components. Regular cleaning prevents shorts caused by liquids and similar hazards. Rotating switches can usually be pulled off – note the orientation of “OFF” setting and the location – and the area covered by the switch can be cleaned. Reassemble the switches in the same location and orientation.

AM PM Appliance Repair Los Angeles is ready day or night to bring their years of business expertise in the Los Angeles area to service your range and give you the peace of mind of a 5-year warranty on every part they replace in the event of a failure in proper operation.

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