TAIJI Announces Official Operation of Its Sintering FGD Project for Tangshan

May 18, 2010

NINGBO, China, May 18 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Ningbo Taiji Environmental
Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. (TAIJI)’s FGD (Flue-gas desulfurization)
technology was officially put into operation, successfully being used in 230
m2 sintering. For the project, TAIJI chose to use steel slag as an absorbent
instead of lime or other absorbents traditionally used in desulfurization. In
comparison to the use of lime agents, the replacement reduces SO2 emissions by
more than 6600 tons and carbon CO2 by more than 4600 tons, equivalent to
savings of RMB 3 million and 8000 tons of lime desulfurization agents.

TAIJI’s core offerings center on the breakdown of industrial solid waste
pollutants. Using a desulfurization multi-phase reactor, steel, nonferrous
metallurgy, thermal power, residue from chemical and other industries, fly ash,
zinc oxide, carbide, white clay, red mud and other absorbents of sulfur
dioxide solid waste are employed to create a more efficient desulfurization
process, as well as to transform desulfurization by-products into alkaline

According to statistics, China produced more than 600 million tons of
steel in 2009, resulting in 100 million tons of steel slag emissions and 24
million tons of SO2 emissions. Approximately 90% of current desulphurization
technology uses limestone or lime gypsum to absorb SO2. For every 10 million
tons of SO2 that are absorbed, 30 millions of steel slag are used, reducing
CO2 emissions by seven million tons, reducing the use of lime by 12 million
tons, and saving desulfurization businesses 4.2 billion RMB in production
costs. At the same time, the waste residue that is produced can be used to
modify 80,000 hectares of saline-alkaline land.


TAIJI combines scientific research, design, and engineering into a
singular modern scientific and technological enterprise. The company falls
under the jurisdiction of the Environmental Protection Equipment Factory,
Environmental Engineering and Design Institute, Environmental Biotechnology
Institute, Environmental Project Center and various other entities. TAIJI
primarily focuses on industrial flue gas treatment, alkaline sand improvement,
and the application, research, and promotion of microbial technology. TAIJI
mainly provides expert environmental technology and equipment for steel,
thermal power, nonferrous metals, engineering, real estate, agricultural
departments and various other industry clients. For more information please
refer to the company website at http://www.epchina.com.cn .

     Shi Yuezhan
     Tel:   +86-134-8646-1319
     Email: vtaijihuanbao@hotmail.com

SOURCE Ningbo Taiji Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.

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