Friends of the Lake Will Monitor Lake Lillinonah’s Water Quality With Hi-Tech Devices

May 18, 2010

BRIDGEWATER, Conn., May 18 /PRNewswire/ — As part of its annual Save the Lake Day to be held May 22, Friends of the Lake (FOTL) is launching new, hi-tech efforts to collect water quality data on Lake Lillinonah to fight algae blooms that for years have plagued Connecticut’s second-largest lake, created in 1955 for hydroelectric power.

The data will aid international scientists studying the health of freshwater lake flora and fauna as well as toxic algae blooms called cyanobacteria that are a threat to the health of humans and pets. To pinpoint the causes of these and other adverse conditions, the group will deploy an electronic device to collect data above and beneath the water every 15 minutes, sharing it with a global network of scientists studying 44 lakes in 14 countries.

This network, called GLEON, (Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network) is studying the impact of myriad conditions, including climate change, on our planet’s freshwater lakes. Lake Lillinonah will be the first in Connecticut, and only the second site in New England (the other is Lake Sunapee, N.H.), to join this international effort.

The Lake’s electronic monitoring will measure water quality parameters including dissolved oxygen content, temperature, acidity (pH), and how much algae is present. It will also measure weather data including wind speed and direction, sunlight intensity, rainfall, relative humidity, air temperature and water levels. To aid in data gathering, FOTL will also unveil a newly-developed, free iPhone Application to monitor water levels and debris that often clogs the lake and prevents its recreational use when FirstLight Power, the lake’s owner, raises the water level.

The app will enable users to take photographs of lake conditions and transmit the photo and relevant data, including GPS location, to the group’s recently-improved website, (www.friendsofthelake.org) which launches May 28. It is hoped that this information will help enable a far more effective lake management program that removes and reduces the debris in the lake.

All information will be available to the public to aid fishermen, recreational users of the lake and scientists alike.

Friends of the Lake is a non-profit organization founded in 2003 to improve the conditions on Lake Lillinonah for the recreational enjoyment and for its long-term environmental protection.

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