Mexico City Launches Biodiversity Program to Conserve and Protect its Native Corn

May 24, 2010

MEXICO CITY, May 24 /PRNewswire/ — To preserve biodiversity and contribute to the global movement to conserve the earth’s precious resources, the Ministry of the Environment of Mexico City today announced an initiative to promote the conservation, use and protection of its numerous and diverse varieties of native corn. This initiative, called Conservation, Use and Biosecurity of Native Corn in the Conservation Lands of Mexico City is Mexico City’s 2010 Legacy Project. It was launched in celebration of International Biodiversity Day during the International Year of Biodiversity, as declared by the United Nations.

“Mexico City is committed to safeguarding our invaluable natural resources,” said Martha Delgado, Mexico City’s Minister of the Environment. “This initiative to protect our unique and numerous varieties of corn is one of many projects Mexico City has launched to contribute to the conservation and management of local biodiversity.”

Mexico has the greatest diversity of corn worldwide and is home to numerous varieties of races of corn, which have been preserved largely through the efforts of Mexico’s indigenous cultures. However, the corn is in danger of becoming genetically modified, which could put at risk the preservation of germplasm of the corn races of Mexico.

Mexico City’s program aims to ensure that situ races of corn, commonly called Creole, are conserved and protected through the identification of variables that affect their production. The program also will detect genetically modified or transgenic corn in conservation lands.

Minister Delgado continued, “Mexico City embraces the notion that we can make a difference globally by implementing biodiversity programs at the local level. We take very seriously our responsibility in working to reduce the world’s current rate of biodiversity loss.”

The Ministry of the Environment of Mexico City participates in an international biodiversity program entitled: Local Action for Biodiversity (LAB). LAB is a global urban biodiversity program that assists local authorities around the world with effective biodiversity management. As part of the three year LAB program, Mexico City will launch three projects aimed at the conservation and management of local biodiversity. Conservation, Use and Biosecurity of Native Corn in the Conservation Lands of Mexico City is one of these projects.

To find out more about Mexico City’s environment efforts, please visit: http://www.mexicocityexperience.com/green_living/

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