Start of Business Incubation & Development at Teijin Aramid

May 25, 2010

ARNHEM, the Netherlands, May 25, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Teijin Aramid in
Arnhem starts a new department, Business Incubation & Development. Teijin
hopes this will enable the company to have a quick and flexible answer to the
market demand for innovative technologies. The new unit will focus on the
development of new markets, with new products and technologies.

In April 2010, the Teijin Group finalized an important organizational
change into the Aramid Fibers Business Group (AFBG). The AFBG is under the
management of Eiso Alberda van Ekenstein, and with that he has become the
first non-Japanese member of the Management Board of the Teijin Group. His
previous position as CEO and President of Teijin Aramid has been taken over
by Gert Frederiks, who until then was the Marketing & Sales Director.

Christoph Hahn is appointed Marketing & Sales Director at Teijin Aramid as of
April 1st. Before that, Hahn was business manager Heat and Cut Protection.

Before this change, the business incubation & development activities
formed part of Marketing and Sales under the management of Gert Frederiks.
During the transition to the AFBG it was decided to create a fulltime
Management Team position for this, under the management of Peter Paping.

Business Incubation and Development will play a vital role between
Research & Development on the one hand, and the global marketing and
commercialization of Teijin’s Aramid products on the other. On the one hand,
the department will focus on a number of sectors where the Teijin Aramid
products and applications already hold a good reputation, and on the other it
will look for new markets and new products and product applications. The
sectors Teijin Aramid currently operates in include the automotive,
construction, defense, aviation, cable, ballistics, optical cable and
offshore industries.

The Aramid Fibers Business Group was set up in order to combine the
global knowledge of and experience with Aramid products, in which Teijin
Aramid, with its head office in Arnhem, will be playing a crucial role in the
global fiber technology. This organizational change was started in April last
year and was finalized recently.

SOURCE Teijin Aramid

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