Organic Miracle, Inc.’s Product, BBW G701, is a Natural, Non-Toxic Means of Stopping and Reversing the Catastrophic Contamination Caused by the Gulf Oil Spill

May 25, 2010

MUSKOGEE, Okla., May 25 /PRNewswire/ — Today Organic Miracle, Inc. CEO Jerry Bakke, along with ABC Biotechnologies CEO Joseph Johnson, announced that they have developed a natural, non-toxic solution to the Gulf oil spill contamination and the remediation of the affected areas of the ocean and shore.

Organic Miracle’s product BBWG 701 (Building a Better World Green) is a super concentrated, high efficiency, low toxicity bio-surfactant for use in breaking down and dispersing fresh and weathered hydrocarbons.

BBWG 701 is effective in accelerating the process of natural dispersion while supporting indigenous bacteria and microbial inoculants. The unique process for production extracts polysaccharides, enzymes, vitamins, hormones, polyuric acids, and humic acids, all of which contribute to the rapid growth and sustenance of healthy bacteria.

Johnson explained that once this product is applied, “the light source needed for phytoplankton to survive would be restored.” shrimp would flourish, and marine life would have a balanced, harmonious environment once again. “It is our goal,” Johnson stated, “to remove any sign of this spill from this environment.”

BBWG 701 dispersants can also be used on shorelines including beaches, rocks, soil and sea walls. Shorelines subject to strong wave action are cleaned quickly and naturally, although reapplication may be necessary in areas where dense hydrocarbon deposits have accumulated.

The BBWG 701 bioremediation process uses microorganisms and naturally occurring microbes to return a contaminated environment to its original condition. These aerobic and facultative organisms process hydrocarbons into food sources for indigenous organisms, while leaving all other living organisms undisturbed.

“In other words,” Bakke says, “the natural dispersant eats up the oil and leaves the environment the way it was before the contaminants were introduced — well balanced and clean.”

Bakke recently met with BP attorneys to introduce the product, but has received no word from BP to indicate that the company wishes to move forward with this non-invasive non-toxic solution. Meanwhile, 100,000 gallons of BBWG 701 have been loaded onto trucks as the company waits for a decision from someone with the authority to make one — a miracle waiting to happen.



SOURCE Organic Miracle, Inc.

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