Cotecna Asia Launches Fast Turn-Around Online Service for Consumer Goods Inspection and Testing

June 2, 2010

GENEVA, June 2, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Pioneering inspection and testing
services provider Cotecna has launched what it predicts will be the most
technically advanced, reliable and flexible online service for the inspection
and quality control of Consumer Goods currently available in the marketplace,
giving businesses the power to save time and money. Visit the website:

Aimed at importers, distributors and retailers, and backed up by a unique
worldwide support network covering 60 nations, Cotecna will begin to roll out
this on-line service for inspections in Asia that includes a range of quality
control and supervision services for Consumer Goods. From initial production
to loading supervision, Cotecna can perform verifications at every stage of
the supply chain process to make sure that products meet client expectations
and quality standards. Laboratory tests also ensure that goods meet
international standards and comply with customer requirements.

The buyer simply registers on the site and submits a request for
inspection. An inspection takes on average from one to two days, during which
time the buyer can follow the progress of the inspection request online via
the site.

“Unlike other online services that currently exist, Cotecna’s online
service for inspection and testing is supported by a worldwide network able
to give buyers throughout the world local support in their own language and
in all time zones, cutting down turnaround times and saving money in the
process,” says Philippe Gonnet, Executive Vice-President, Asia, “In addition,
Cotecna also performs Factory Audits (FA) and Social Audits (SA) to ensure
that your factory of choice meets your expectations and quality requirements.”

Products of Asian origin that are inspected and tested include: hard-line
(furniture, home furnishings, kitchenware, DIY, garden tools…), food,
soft-line (textiles, garments, shoes, accessories…), electrical,
electronics and toys. Services are coordinated throughout Asia with our main
offices in China (Hong Kong and mainland), Korea, India, Singapore, Thailand,
Vietnam and the Philippines.


Note to editors:

1. About Cotecna

Founded in Switzerland in 1974, the Cotecna group offers a wide range of
trade facilitation services, trade security services and quality
certification standards. Cotecna is a pioneer in areas such as risk
management, destination inspection and scanner integration projects and also
offers Customs modernization programmes, Customs valuation assistance, trade
security solutions and commercial inspections. For a full description of our
services, please visit http://www.cotecna.com. The Cotecna Group has a
combined workforce of about 4,000 employees and agents in close to 100

Cotecna conducts verification and certification activities across a range
of sectors, delivering leading-edge solutions for importers and exporters
worldwide. Areas of particular expertise include: agricultural products,
metals and minerals, chemical and petroleum products, marine surveys,
industrial equipment surveys, vehicle inspections and consumer goods.
Accredited laboratories and testing facilities ensure the delivery of
high-quality, verifiable results.

    Cotecna Press

    Alison Bourgeois
    Vice President Corporate Communications

SOURCE Cotecna Inspection SA

Source: newswire

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