How is South Africa Going to Manage Water and Wastewater Requirements During the FIFA World Cup?

June 15, 2010

DUBAI, UAE, June 15, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — The FIFA World Cup is
stretching South Africa’s ability to provide water and wastewater services to
the thousands of people who have been temporarily added to its population in
addition to the normal city dwellers. While football fever has gripped the
country, it has taken months of readiness build-up for municipality officials.



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In a country where the Department of Water has identified a backlog of
R10 billion in the current national water resource infrastructure, managing
increasing urbanization pressures, leave alone big sporting events, is a huge
challenge. South Africa requires extensive implementation of water resource
management, wastewater treatment technologies and supporting infrastructure
due to low seasonal rainfall and the comparative scarcity of water resources.
Efforts are also needed to prevent the pollution of fresh water resources
along with a focus on proper treatment of wastewater, especially by mining

The Department of Water is leading the way to bridge the development
backlog. Under its aegis, Rand Water, the largest water board in Africa, will
spend R500 million in capital expenditures over the next five years.
e-Thekwini municipality is already spending 1.6 billion on replacing AC
pipelines with modified PVC ones.

Expert speakers will shed more light on the initiatives of the
government, water boards and municipalities at WaterTech Africa 2010,
scheduled from 02 – 05 August 2010 at the Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel,
Johannesburg, South Africa.

Hosting valuable contributions from 18 industry experts will focus on
developing and managing the existing and future water infrastructure and
resources to meet the demands of the future. Speakers at this exclusive IQPC
conference include Reginald Tekateka, Regional Chair – Africa, Global Water
Partnership, Nomonde Mnukwa, Chief Director – Eastern Cape, Department of
Water Affairs, Sipho Mosai, Chief Operating Officer, Rand Water, Thokozani
Boikutso, Head of Wastewater, Rand Water, Pumezo Jonas, General Manger -
Scientific & Engineering Services, Umgeni Water, Philemon Moshoko, Head of
Water and Sanitation, City of Capetown and Frank Stevens, Deputy Head -
Technical Support, eThekwini Municipality

For more information visit http://www.watertechafrica.co.za

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