World Dryer, a Top Manufacturer of Automatic Hand Dryers, Introduces the SMARTdri Hand Dryer

June 29, 2010

BERKELEY, Ill., June 29 /PRNewswire/ — World Dryer Corporation, leading manufacturer of electric hand dryers, has announced the newest product in its lineup of energy-efficient, fast hand dryers. The SMARTdri is World Dryer’s latest automatic hand dryer, with powerful air performance that optimizes dry time, energy consumption and sound quality.

“At World Dryer, we are committed to providing automatic hand dryers that improve hygiene, while cutting costs and protecting the environment,” said World Dryer Vice President Susan Fan. “The SMARTdri is an energy-efficient hand drying solution with a 10-second dry time, which is three times faster than traditional dryers and allows for lower energy consumption than our competitors’ products. With low maintenance and customizable features, the SMARTdri helps reduce costs while contributing to a cleaner, safer environment.”

The SMARTdri automatic hand dryer boasts a contemporary design that is available in multiple finishes, coordinating with the look and style of any public restroom. Customizable features include three-speed motor controls, so that low- or high-traffic environments can adjust the volume accordingly. On/Off heating options provide control over the dryer’s power consumption and user comfort, and antimicrobial technology reduces the spread of bacteria.

“With the increasing need for eco-friendly solutions in a challenging economy, many facilities have switched from paper towels to electric hand dryers,” said Fan. “In contrast with the costs and energy consumption associated with paper towels’ production and maintenance, automatic hand dryers come as a green alternative. And with our automatic, no-touch technologies, World Dryer hand dryers are efficient, convenient and safe.”

About World Dryer Corporation: World Dryer® Corporation (http://www.worlddryer.com/) has been in business since 1927 and is the leading provider of electric hand dryers in the United States as well as distributing automatic dryers to 80 other countries. The industry standard has been set by World Dryer® with the introduction of Airforce(TM) fast hand dryer. Electric hand dryers are durable, hygienic and environmentally sound.

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