New Solution for Maggot & Fly Infestation in Garbage Cans

July 13, 2010

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., July 13 /PRNewswire/ — When facing yet another summer of trashcans infested with disgusting maggots and flies, innovator Tim Deasy knew he had to come up with a new solution. Through a little research and effort, Fly Erase Pest Strip was developed. “This was nothing more than a simple twist on an existing technology that is extremely easy to use,” said Tim Deasy. “Our convenient adhesive strip patch means Fly Erase will attach securely to the inner lid of any garbage can and keep the flies away for 4 months.”

Although the pure smell associated with flies and maggots in the hot summer months are a real issue, there are more serious aspects of these infestations to consider. Flies increase rapidly during warmer seasons, this means that diseases will now spread faster if proper hygiene is not observed in our homes. Flies are known to carry bacteria in their feet and mouths that cause mastitis. Flies and maggots are associated with diseases like malaria, typhoid fever, anthrax, leprosy, cholera, conjunctivitis, tuberculosis, dysentery and diarrhea in human beings.

Fly Erase provides unique force shield vapor protection for up to 4 months per trashcan. Disease and bacteria is more than a nuisance, and for only $6.95 Fly Erase offers families a real sense of health security. “The anxiety of opening that outdoor trash can go beyond the pure anticipation of maggots falling out, there are real health issues to consider,” said Mr. Deasy. For more information, visit http://www.stopmaggots.com.

    Tim Deasy
    Maxion Labs
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