Boxer Marine Announces New Version of AnchorRescue: an Innovative Anchor Retrieval System

July 15, 2010

PORTLAND, Maine, July 15 /PRNewswire/ — Boxer Marine, a boating innovation company in Cushing, ME, announced today that the company is releasing a new, improved version of AnchorRescue, its anchor retrieval system.

Described as “the smart alternative to a trip line,” AnchorRescue is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use anchor retrieval system designed for use on both powerboats and sailboats up to 60 ft. in length. The new 2010 version is designed to be trouble-free with fewer moving parts, is 50% stronger with the load capacity increased to 760 lbs., and has a lower price.

“After months of thoroughly testing and fine-tuning AnchorRescue, we are bringing this new, improved version to market in time for the summer and fall boating seasons,” says Richard Provonchee, AnchorRescue inventor and Boxer Marine president.

AnchorRescue is aptly named because the product does just that – rescues anchors by retrieving anchors snagged on underwater obstacles. AnchorRescue is a two-part system – one part stays attached to the anchor at all times and the other is sent down to the anchor when it becomes fouled and quickly and easily retrieves the fouled anchor.

Most of the 13 million registered boats in the U.S. carry at least one anchor onboard and a good anchor is like a valued crew member. When that anchor becomes irretrievably stuck or snagged on a rock, debris or other obstruction, boaters can either cut the anchor loose (an expensive option) or send a diver down to free it. Typically, boaters have had two options when trying to avoid losing a fouled anchor: 1) Rig a trip line before they drop anchor; or 2) Use a trip-able anchor.

“Boaters rarely take the time to rig a trip line every time they drop anchor and the trip-able anchors can compromise the safety and security of the boat,” says Provonchee. “AnchorRescue works differently.”

AnchorRescue attaches to a boater’s existing anchor system, and once installed, AnchorRescue requires no additional setup, does not compromise the existing anchor system, and can never unintentionally trip the anchor like some competing products.

AnchorRescue, currently available in two sizes, is matched to an anchor’s chain size. Designed to last for years, AnchorRescue’s moving parts are stainless steel and the product carries a five-year warranty. “Every time boaters drop anchor, they wonder if they can retrieve that anchor without difficulties,” says Provonchee. “With AnchorRescue, they can feel confident that they will bring the anchor up and they don’t have to worry about rigging a trip line.”

Based in Maine with strong ties to Nova Scotia, Boxer Marine is a boating innovation company specializing in first-of-its-kind, industry-changing products. Boaters around the world, from weekend sailors and live-aboard cruisers to fishermen and power-boaters, will benefit when AnchorRescue system is protecting their anchors.

To see how AnchorRescue works, go to http://www.anchorrescue.com.

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