TrueCar.com Releases July TrueTrends(TM) Report

July 16, 2010

SANTA MONICA, Calif., July 16 /PRNewswire/ — The sport/utility vehicle is making a strong comeback as shoppers return to the marketplace in search of stylish vehicles that offer better gas mileage but don’t sacrifice utility, according to TrueCar.com, the leading source for new car pricing on the Internet. The latest TrueTrends by TrueCar Report shows that SUVs are the fastest selling category of vehicles with luxury and mid-size SUV segments specifically being discounted less than the market average.

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According to TrueCar, SUV shoppers can expect to find discounts* up to 20% on models in this category.

“The recent uptick in demand for SUVs indicates that consumers have become immune to increasing gas prices and are willing to pay more for the comfort and space, despite the fragile economy,” said Jesse Toprak, VP of Industry, Trends and Insights for TrueCar.com. “The love affair with SUVs isn’t over yet, consumers just prefer they burn a little less gas and look pretty.”

The July 2010 TrueTrends Report includes the following highlights:

  • Of the Top 10 2010 vehicles “fewest days in inventory,” the first nine are SUVs. Topping the list is the Lexus LX 570, which is only on lots for an average 12 days. Rounding out the top five are the GMC Terrain (14 days), the Chevrolet Equinox (14 days), the Toyota Highlander (15 days) and the Audi Q7 (15 days).
  • The biggest discounts of the month on 2010 models by body type are forecasted as follows:

      Top 2010 Models by Vehicle Categories for July
       Categories       2010 Models     % Below MSRP
       ----------       -----------     ------------
    Large Truck      Silverado 1500               22%
    -----------     ---------------              ---
                     Jeep Grand
    Midsize SUV      Cherokee                     20%
    -----------     -----------                  ---
    Midsize Car     Hyundai Sonata                18%
    -----------     --------------               ---
    Small Truck     Ford Ranger                   17%
    -----------     -----------                  ---
                     Mercury Grand
    Large Car        Marquis                      16%
    ---------       --------------               ---
    Small Car       Ford Focus                    15%
    ---------       ----------                   ---
    Large SUV       Chevrolet Tahoe               14%
    ---------       ---------------              ---
    Luxury SUV      Lincoln MKX                   14%
    ----------      -----------                  ---
    Sport Car       Ford Mustang                  14%
    ---------       ------------                 ---
    Minivan         Kia Sedona                    13%
    -------         ----------                   ---
    Luxury Sport
     Car            Chevrolet Corvette            13%
    ------------    ------------------           ---
    Small SUV       Jeep Patriot                  12%
    ---------       ------------                 ---
    Luxury Car      Lincoln MKZ                   11%
    ----------      -----------                  ---
    Subcompact Car  Toyota Yaris                  11%
    --------------  ------------                 ---
                     Ford Transit
    Van              Connect                      10%
    ---             -------------                ---

  • The best day of the month to buy a car, as projected based on historical sales and short-term forecasts, is July 28, with a potential 12.5% discount (including applicable incentives). This is the last Wednesday of the month, and leads to a solid weekend, with possible discounts high through the weekend and into the first half of August.
  • BMW is leading the way in sales of 2011 models, with 67% of their month’s sales coming on 2011 models. Most of BMW’s offerings are available in 2011 models, including the 3, 5, and 7 Series, M3, X5, X6 and Z4.
  • For the 2010 model year, domestic makes including Chevrolet, Ford, Mercury, GMC, and Chrysler offer the biggest discounts. Foreign automakers including Toyota, Honda, BMW, and Kia are offering the biggest discounts on 2011 makes.

TrueCar Price Flex Score

TrueCar uses several methods to identify the best new car deals of the month. Not only does TrueCar track vehicles with the greatest discounts, but the TrueCar Price Flex Score measures how elastic the transaction price is for a particular model. A high Flex Score means a possibility of a great swing (high or low) in the actual sale price from MSRP, while a low Flex Score means the price is far less negotiable and that the transaction price range is much narrower. Consumers have the best chance of obtaining a discount with the most flexible scores.

            TrueCar Projections for July
              Most Flexible 2010 Models
       Categories          Model          Score
       ----------          -----          -----
    Small Car       Honda Insight            100
    ---------       -------------            ---
    Midsize SUV      Endeavor                 99
    -----------     -----------              ---
    Minivan         Mazda MAZDA5              99
    -------         ------------             ---
    Subcompact Car  Toyota Yaris              99
    --------------  ------------             ---
    Large Truck     Nissan Titan              98
    -----------     ------------             ---
    Midsize Car     Nissan Altima             97
    -----------     -------------            ---
    Sport Car       Mazda RX-8                97
    ---------       ----------               ---
    Small SUV       Mazda Tribute             94
    ---------       -------------            ---
    Small Truck     Nissan Frontier           94
    -----------     ---------------          ---
    Luxury Car      Cadillac DTS              92
    ----------      ------------             ---
    Luxury SUV      Infiniti FX50             88
    ----------      -------------            ---
    Luxury Sport
     Car            Nissan GT-R               87
    ------------    -----------              ---
                     Chevrolet Express
    Van              Cargo Van                84
    ---              ------------------      ---
    Large Car       Toyota Avalon             76
    ---------       -------------            ---
    Large SUV       Nissan Armada             57
    ---------       -------------            ---

The July TrueTrends Report can be read in its entirety on the Truth Blog at TrueCar.com.

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*all discounts are based on national averages

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