How to Throw the Best Backyard Barbecue

August 4, 2010

NEW YORK, Aug. 4 /PRNewswire/ — MS — With fall just over the horizon, kids across the country are getting ready to return to school while Moms and Dads are saying so long to summer office hours. Though it might seem as if autumn is right around the corner, the nation’s grill masters know there’s still plenty of time to revel in one of summer’s most beloved summer traditions.

Backyard barbecues have been a staple of summer for as long as most people can remember. As the sun prepares to set on summer, there’s still time to throw the best backyard barbecue of the season. Grilling enthusiasts can make the most of their final backyard bash of the year by employing the following tips, courtesy of Vistaprint.

– Make it an event instead of another barbecue. Thanks to the laid back nature of summer, many backyard barbecues come together at the last minute or a day or so in advance. For an end of summer sendoff, hosts should break from the norm and print up formal invitations to let guests know this won’t be the standard backyard barbecue. Vistaprint enables customers to choose their own paper and print up high-quality, full-color invitations complete with their own envelopes. Invitations can be created in a matter of minutes and received in as few as three days. With an invitation in hand, guests will be more enthusiastic and likely to make the final backyard barbecue of the year the best of the entire season.

– Choose a theme. After a season spent eating hamburgers and hot dogs, many guests might feel less than enthusiastic about attending yet another backyard barbecue. However, hosts can set their soiree apart from the rest by giving the party a theme. For instance, refer to the party as the “End of Summer Barbecue Bash” and invite friends and relatives over for one last warm-weather get-together.

Hosts can even go the extra mile and make their own custom T-shirts commemorating the event. Vistaprint’s high quality, 100 percent-preshrunk cotton T-shirts make an affordable and memorable memento for hosts and guests alike. Hosts can browse Vistaprint’s extensive collection of designs or upload their own finished designs to make a unique and long-lasting memory for each and every guest.

– Don’t abandon tradition entirely. While it can be tempting and fun to experiment at a backyard barbecue, hosts should also embrace some favorite traditions. Guests will no doubt expect the standard fare, including salads, hot dogs and hamburgers. So even if there’s going to be some experimenting going on, be sure to have the old standbys on the menu as well.

It’s also important for hosts to peruse the guest list ahead of time. Doing so ensures there will be enough food for everyone and that the menu features food for those with unique diets, be it vegetarians or those with medical restrictions. Ask any guests when sending out invitations of they have any such dietary restrictions.

– Decorate the grounds. By the end of summer, it might take more for hosts to get guests excited about a backyard barbecue than just a backyard and a hot grill. Hosts hoping to make the night as memorable as it is fun should considering decorating the backyard. Banners in the backyard can commemorate the end of summer and invite guests to let loose outdoors for one last night spent under the stars with family and friends. Vistaprint offers high-quality vinyl banners that can survive a night outdoors or look just as good inside. With hundreds of designs and three sizes, Vistaprint banners can commemorate whichever theme hosts choose while adding some extra pizzazz to the backyard barbecue.

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