Statement by Ronald Duncan President, CEO and Founder, GCI

August 10, 2010

ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Aug. 10 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Yesterday, an aircraft owned by GCI went down north of Dillingham, Alaska. The Alaska Rescue Coordination Center, the State Troopers, the Coast Guard, and other rescue units are responding to the crash, as is the National Transportation Safety Board.

We are aware of news reports stating that four of the nine individuals on board the aircraft have survived. At this point, I cannot confirm or comment on these reports. We are waiting for authoritative information from the rescue units.

All of our energies are focused on working with the rescue units and mobilizing to support the families and friends of the individuals on the aircraft.

Updates will be released throughout the day and will be available on www.GCI.com.

GCI (Nasdaq: GNCMA) is an Alaska-based integrated communications provider that delivers voice, video and data services through its fiber optic, satellite, hybrid fiber coaxial and metropolitan area network facilities. More information about GCI can be found at www.gci.com


Source: newswire

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