Sky Solar Participates in and Makes Important Speech at the Second Sino-EU International Solar PV Industry Development Forum

August 12, 2010

BEIJING, Aug. 12 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Mr. Su Weili, the Chairman and CEO
of Sky Solar Holdings Co., Ltd, a world leading provider of turn-key solar
power solutions participated and made an important speech at the Second
Sino-EU International Solar PV Industry Development Forum. Over 200 noted top
managers and experts from Europe, the US and Asia participated in this forum.
The conventioneers conducted in-depth discussion and communication on the
major topics of how to effectively promote the development of the PV industry,
application upgrading, global investment, and cooperation of within the PV
industry, etc.

Mr. Su Weili, having been immersed in the solar PV industry since 2001,
has witnessed China’s PV industry’s splendid history, and has thrown himself
into the development, construction and operation of solar power projects with
fruitful achievements. Mr. Su has very strong impressions on the progress of
the PV industry. He said, “In the past 5 years, the world’s PV industry has
developed critically fast, and China is playing a particularly key role in the
solar PV industrial chain. While with the rapid expansion of the production
scale, each company is confronting tremendous pressure in market development.”
Su emphasized, “Although the PV market in Europe, especially in Germany, has
become relatively mature, the PV market is nearly saturated. On the other hand,
new markets are seeing in-depth and rapid development around Germany. For
instance, France, as the core market of Western Europe, represents a new wave,
while the Czech Republic, as the core market of Eastern Europe has big
potential; Canada and the US, as the core markets of North America are also
opening new space in the market. Thus, the solar PV firms need more innovative
thinking, and need to adjust development strategies and measures in a timely
fashion to better suit the flexible but promising market.”

Finally, Mr. Su felt rather delighted to share the business model of Sky
with others, using global subsidiaries for project development, quality
management of supply chains in China as a guarantee, German engineering
technologies as support, and the capital markets in Europe and North America
lending important financial support for Sky Solar’s worldwide business
development. Sky Solar expects to join hands with China’s sovereignty fund,
energy firms, financial institutions as well as other investment and
industrial partners to lead the Chinese manufacturing business towards
overseas terminal markets to improve China’s position and influence in
international markets, and also give due contribution to promoting the
development of a low-carbon economy and improving the living quality of human

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