GroVia Debuts Partners In Nurture Program

August 12, 2010

BOZEMAN, Mont., Aug. 12 /PRNewswire/ — As part of its mission to make environmentally friendly and natural diapering products accessible to every family, GroVia — leader in the cloth and natural diapering market — announced today the debut of the GroVia Partners In Nurture Program, dedicated to nurturing a generation of aware parents through education, guidance and support of natural lifestyle choices.

Greenpeace reports that standard disposable diapers contain traces of Dioxin, an extremely toxic by-product and a carcinogenic chemical, listed by the EPA as the most toxic of all cancer-linked chemicals. It is banned in most countries, but not the U.S. GroVia has realized that many parents choose disposable diapers simply because they do not know of the alternatives. Natural childbirth professionals find something similar; many parents in the U.S. have hospital births simply because they are unaware of their options. GroVia has launched the Partners In Nurture Program as a platform to align with today’s most influential natural birthing professionals in order to shine a light on natural childcare options and sustainable lifestyle alternatives.

“One of our top missions at GroVia is to educate modern parents on the health and eco-related benefits of choosing cloth and natural diapers,” said Kim Ormsby, founder and CEO, GroVia. “The GroVia Partners In Nurture Program is a way for us to reach parents who are already exploring lifestyle alternatives, and educate them on the ways they can extend the nurturing of their families beyond the birthing process. We know that once a parent learns how beneficial cloth is for baby and our planet, and how much money a family can save by using cloth diapers — they’ll understand that there really is no better choice.”

A GroVia Partner In Nurture will act as a cloth diapering advocate, an educator to the unaware, and a guide to those willing to take a chance on the unfamiliar. They will educate clients on cloth diapering, represent the cloth diapering movement at events, support parents through the learning process of switching to cloth, and will facilitate GroVia in its work to increase awareness of natural lifestyle choices. Educational materials and a Partner In Nurture application can be found on GroVia’s website http://www.gro-via.com/partnersinnurture.

In another recent effort to make gentle baby care products accessible to every child, GroVia has donated essential supplies to Tapestries of Life, a non-profit organization that is building a 55,000 square foot orphanage in Guadalupe, Mexico, which upon opening, will provide care and a nurturing environment for over 400 children and infants. Hoping to extend the reach of Tapestries of Life and support their efforts, GroVia has donated over $400,000 in product, all of which is being donated to local orphanages and communities in need, with a portion being held for the day Tapestries opens its doors. GroVia is also assisting Tapestries of Life’s efforts to win the APX Gives Back campaign, in which APX will provide a $100,000 award to the non-profit organization with the most votes by August 23rd. GroVia is encouraging customers and the general public to vote for Tapestries in the “Central Region” daily, here: http://www.facebook.com/apxalarm.

“Since there are an estimated 6,000 orphans in the state of Chihuahua alone, the Mexican government has told us our home will be filled to capacity within 24 hours of opening our doors, so the need in this area is great,” said Pastor Steve Brewer, CEO Tapestries of Life. “We thank GroVia for a phenomenal blessing to an area that is in great need of gentle, natural products like the items GroVia makes accessible to all families and children.”

Through donations and programs like Partners In Nurture, GroVia can ensure that families have access to the product and knowledge they need in order to make a simple choice that can create a lifetime of change, and transform a generation of children.

About GroVia

GroVia’s mission is to simplify the way parents nurture baby, naturally. The company is dedicated to creating the ultimate in cloth diapering and natural baby products. Each product is designed out of necessity and innovation. Buying from GroVia means you are purchasing well made, natural and often organic products that have been tested and proven in the marketplace.

About Tapestries of Life

Tapestries of Life is a US based organization that takes seriously the Christian mandate to take care of widows and orphans. In order to accomplish this mandate, Tapestries of Life is building an orphanage in Guadalupe, Mexico, which will be the largest orphanage in all of Latin America. Tapestries of Life provides many ways for people to have “hands-on” involvement in its missions outreach to Mexico. For more information visit: www.tapestriesoflife.com, email them at: tapestriesinfo@tapestriesoflife.com, or call 915-764-2688.


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