Propane Grill Tank Exchange Service Delivered to Your Front Door! PropaneMonkey.com, Launches Its Free Home Delivery Service to Metro Birmingham, AL Residents

August 25, 2010

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Aug. 25 /PRNewswire/ — PropaneMonkey.com, an innovative and valued propane tank exchange service, launched this week in Birmingham, Alabama, and is pleased to offer free scheduled delivery of propane tanks for grilling, outdoor heating and mosquito control to area homes and businesses.

Consumers waste, on average, at least 30 minutes and prefer not to exchange propane tanks themselves for key reasons, such as, 1) too much of a hassle 2) tanks roll around in the car in an unsafe fashion 3) fear of running out of propane in mid-grilling session, and 4) exchanging tank at convenience store is frustrating. Starting today, Birmingham area residents can order all of their propane tank exchange needs online at PropaneMonkey.com and have a free scheduled delivery arrive in as little as 1 day.

Ordering at PropaneMonkey.com is simple with 3 easy steps 1) enter your zip code and order online 2) leave empty tank out front 3) we will pick up empty tank and leave a full one. As an added convenience- every one of our tanks comes with a fuel gauge so never run out of propane again!

In addition, you get more propane from us! In a standard grill tank (20 lbs) you get 17 lbs of propane or roughly 4.2 gallons. The national branded propane providers who stock cages at retailers of all sizes generally short you on propane and only put 15 lbs of propane in your tank which translates to the customer losing $2-$3 per exchange. With free delivery right to your front door, there is no reason why anyone would continue to lug their own tank to the store and get less propane!

About Propane Monkey, LLC

Propane Monkey, an online propane tank exchange service that delivers right to your front door, offers a distinct value proposition because consumers currently have no choice other than the inconvenient option of lugging the tank up to the store themselves. Once customers experience the convenience of PropaneMonkey.com, there is no need to go back to the old outdated way. Propane Monkey LLC, founded in 2010, is based in the Birmingham, Alabama area and serves over 30 zip codes in the metro area. We intend to launch services in the following cities sometime in 2010; Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Nashville, Huntsville, Montgomery, Mobile, New Orleans, and more.

For more information, please call 1-888-705-8265 (TANK) or 205-588-1673.

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