New Solid Hardwood Flooring Excels Over Concrete

August 31, 2010

GROVER, N.C., Aug. 31 /PRNewswire/ — Staybull Flooring is eco-friendly recycled flooring that solves the two major problems that plague both solid and engineered products. Because excessive moisture is the leading cause of many wood flooring problems, problems like cupping and twisting are predictable outcomes that create headaches for many homeowners. Although engineered flooring can be installed over concrete, its lifespan is hindered. With a thin layer of wood starting width of 1mm, many brands of engineered flooring cannot be refinished more than once and end up being replaced. Staybull Flooring saves money, materials, and solves these problems by using age-old wood working techniques and recycled hardwood scraps to create a long-lasting solid hardwood flooring that outperforms over cured concrete and can be refinished multiple times.

“Staybull Flooring can be installed directly over a cured concrete slab without having to buy and waste time applying a substrate. By gluing multiple narrow pieces of wood together, Staybull eliminates the tension normally found in wide, solid flooring,” says Rosi Lehr, Director of Marketing for Staybull Flooring. “These exclusive benefits have led builders, architects and designers to praise Staybull Flooring for its versatility, modern looks, and dimensional stability.”

From the planks themselves to the glues and finishes used, everything that goes into making a piece of Staybull Flooring meets the highest green building standards. “When you consider that in states like Florida, where homes and buildings have concrete slabs as their foundation, the invention of Staybull Flooring provides greater design opportunities and long-term value,” Lehr says. “Many architects and builders have contacted us to receive samples and quotes because they had customers who were adamant about using a pure solid wood product in their home without the limitations of other flooring options. Staybull Flooring does allow these folks to literally have their cake and eat it, too.”

Discover the manufacturing process that makes Staybull Flooring an increasingly popular eco-friendly flooring choice for building and design professionals.

About Staybull Flooring

A national leader in high-end eco-friendly flooring, Staybull Flooring specializes in using post-industrial / pre-consumer reclaimed flooring strips to create a 100-percent recycled flooring product that outlasts and outperforms bamboo, engineered, and even solid-plank hardwood flooring. The Staybull Flooring collection includes over 20 domestic and exotic hardwoods. Each plank blends grain patterns, colors, and VOC Free adhesives and finishes to create a wear-resistant surface that lasts longer than many other flooring options.

    Rosi Lehr
    Director of Marketing, Staybull Flooring

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