Like Farmville? Maybe it’s Time to Know a Real California Farmer

September 1, 2010

IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 1 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Farmville is fun, but if you think you might have real “dirt in your veins,” take the next step and see what it takes for a California farmer to grow real broccoli, harvest real rice or manage a real herd of dairy cows. You can be there in the time it takes to click your mouse thanks to Know a California Farmer (http://www.KnowACaliforniaFarmer.com). This interactive farm and ranch experience is brought to you by hundreds of farmers throughout the nation’s number one agricultural state. They represent farms and ranches small and large, organic and traditional. They are the people who actually produce the food you eat and the plants you grow in your backyard.

At www.KnowACaliforniaFarmer.com, California farmers and ranchers post personal photos, upload videos and write interesting blogs about real agriculture in California. Meet former roadie-turned-dairy-farmer Dino Giacomazzi as he shares his passion for the family business, which has been around since 1893. Read Jennifer Thompson’s blog where “talking grapes” is her second language and she will explain why California grapes make the best wine in the world.

It’s a two-way street at www.KnowACaliforniaFarmer.com. Our farmers and ranchers want to get to know you, too. Log on, post comments and ask questions to a real family farmer. The California farmer is an endangered species. Land is expensive, water precious and government regulations overwhelming. Future farmers think twice about following in Dad’s footsteps. A hundred years ago, 80 percent of the U.S. population was farmers. That number dropped to 30 percent fifty years ago. Today, less than two percent work in farming or ranching. Americans are importing more of their food, fewer young farmers are staying on the land and the farming way of life is slowly fading.

The food on your dinner table doesn’t come from the supermarket. If finding fresh and locally grown items at the grocery store are important to you, log on to: www.KnowACaliforniaFarmer.com. It’s free and fun. There are no gimmicks. Just plain-speaking ranchers and farmers eager to meet you and show you their way of life. Farmville is fun, but this is the real thing.

Know A California Farmer is an interactive website brought to you by California farmers through our new California Agricultural Communications Coalition (CACC). The CACC is a group of over 120 farmer and rancher membership organizations dedicated to raising awareness about the outlook of multi-generational family farming in California – the nation’s leading agricultural state.

SOURCE California Agricultural Communications Coalition

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