September 8, 2010

Nippon Avionics Begins Sales of New Hybrid Battery Tab Welding Machine – Suitable for Welding of Battery Tabs

TOKYO, Sept. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Nippon Avionics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter Avio), NEC Corporation's subsidiary, formally released the new hybrid battery tab welding machine NRW-PS300 suitable for battery tab welding on September 8, 2010. The NRW-PS300 is specifically designed for the assembly of lithium ion batteries. These types of batteries are widely used as a power source for automotive and electric equipment.

< Purpose of New Product >

In recent years, the automobile industry is shifting toward clean energy alternatives, such as electric vehicles. The electronics industry has seen enormous growth in the area of mobile devices. Consequently, worldwide demand is growing rapidly for rechargeable batteries. Among those most in demand is the lithium ion battery technology.

The Avio Hybrid Battery Tab Welding Machine is a new addition to our lineup of well respected resistance welding machines. An application for which this new machine is ideally suited is the welding of battery tabs to the electrode of a battery to form a battery pack.

By providing high reliability of welding quality, Avio will step up sales in the battery assembly market.

< Features of New Product >

This new model supplies welding power for battery tab welding, featuring Avio's unique hybrid method combining high-speed rising time of a DC type and a high-speed polarity switch of an inverter type. It is equipped with functions suitable for battery tab welding as shown below.

    *High-Quality Appearance and Consistent Welding Strength
    -- High-Speed Welding
       High-speed rising time and high-speed polarity switching enable
       high-quality appearance, with a minimum heat effect (burn).
    -- Polarity Switch Function

    *By minimizing the Peltier effect, both welding spots will be of high-
     strength and appearance. Further, consistent heat balance results in
     electrode life.

    *Stable Welding Quality
    -- 4-Channel Welding
       The polarity switch for both pre-heating and main heating enables
       and well balanced welding quality.
    -- Welding Energy Monitoring
       By monitoring and feeding back measured welding power, welds of
       quality are achieved and this function reduces scrapped parts.

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