New Web Site on HESCO Bastion Protection Launched

September 13, 2010

www.HescoNews.com Online Portal for Warfighters and First Responders

WASHINGTON, Sept. 13 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — A new Web site launched today at www.HescoNews.com will serve as an online portal for warfighters, military leaders, first responders, and emergency management officials seeking information about barrier protection against enemy threats and natural disasters.

Sponsored by HESCO Bastion LTD., the developer and manufacturer of Concertainer® units used around the globe for force protection, flood protection and erosion control, www.HescoNews.com will provide timely information about how these units are being used on the battlefield as well as in new ways for natural and man-made disasters.

Concertainer® units have become the most popular means within the military of protecting personnel and facilities against secondary fragmentation, saving countless lives and protecting mission-critical assets. HESCO Bastion products are also being widely used in the United States for protection against floods, and more recently for defending wetlands and coastal areas in the Gulf of Mexico against the recent oil spill there.

The www.HescoNews.com site will include:


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