SelectIon Technologies Announces Official Opening

September 14, 2010

GOLDEN, Colo., Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ — SelectIon Technologies, Inc., the world’s first company to offer ion transport and ion separation technologies for a broad range of industrial applications using custom ceramic membranes, announced today its official opening. Fueled from technical innovations developed at its sister company, Ceramatec, the company intends to continuously expand its industrial ion separation applications. SelectIon Technologies utilizes the resources of its 100-year-old advanced materials parent company, CoorsTek, to rapidly respond to customer system needs worldwide.

SelectIon Technologies offers a unique array of product solutions which specifically select for ions including sodium, oxygen, lithium, hydrogen, and others. For example, SelectIon developed their NaSelect(TM) Methylate System to revolutionize the production of high-purity sodium methylate (SMO). Traditionally, SMO is produced by chemical plants using a costly high-temperature, energy-intensive process. Then, the SMO needs to be stored, transported, and stored again at the end-use location. Their proprietary NaSelect Methylate System generates extremely high-purity SMO and enables on-site and on-demand production – eliminating the need for costly and hazardous transportation or storage.

Conversely, another of their innovative applications actually removes sodium from industrial production waste streams to reduce environmental harm and to recycle the sodium for a variety of uses.

“While we’re already working with key industry leaders on their applications, we are very excited to get this unique ion selection technology out to serve a broader range of customers and their next-generation applications,” states Mark Petty, President of SelectIon Technologies. “With every installation, our mission is to truly make the world measurably better with this advanced technology,” Petty continues.

More about SelectIon Technologies

Visit their website at http://www.select-ion.com

More about CoorsTek

Celebrating its 100th year in business, CoorsTek is the largest technical ceramics manufacturer in the world with facilities in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. CoorsTek supplies critical components and complete assemblies for defense, medical, automotive, semiconductor, aerospace, electronic, power generation, telecommunication, and other high-technology applications. Utilizing advanced material technologies, the company’s engineered solutions enable its customers’ products to overcome technological barriers and improve performance. For more information about CoorsTek, please visit the Company’s website at http://www.coorstek.com.

More about Ceramatec

For more information, please visit http://www.ceramatec.com.

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