NGP Energy Capital Management Donates $10M to Climate Change Group: ‘Global Adaptation Institute’

September 15, 2010

IRVING, Texas, Sept. 15 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — NGP Energy Capital Management, a leading natural resources investment firm, will be Founding Sponsor of the environmental non-profit “Global Adaptation Institute” focused on adaptation to climate change (global warming).

“That a premier industry player like NGP Energy Capital Management is so generously partnering with us on this vital climate issue sets a powerful example,” declared Global Adaptation Institute CEO Dr. Juan Jose Daboub, announcing NGP’s $10M donation.

Ken Hersh, CEO of NGP and Dallas-area philanthropist, noted, “Estimates are that adaptation to climate change, compounded by population growth, economic development and urbanization, may require US$6-$9 trillion in investment by mid-century. NGP is committed to the urgent mission of the Global Adaptation Institute, and Dr. Daboub’s passion for helping the developing world, and his pragmatic focus on science, metrics and results, will assure success.”

“Private sector leadership is vital in achieving adaptation to climate change and other forces,” stated Dr. Daboub, former Managing Director of the World Bank. “In the critical areas of food/agriculture, water, energy and coastal protection, NGP is demonstrating that vulnerable populations should not have to wait for the Kyoto Protocol or other global treaties on carbon and greenhouse gases to save them.”

Mr. Hersh, a Dallas native and member of the World Economic Forum, who also serves on advisory councils at Harvard, Stanford and Princeton, will join the NGO’s Board of Directors, as will Bob Edwards, a Managing Director of NGP and former McKinsey consultant.

“Mr. Hersh and Mr. Edwards bring us extraordinary business vision that we will leverage with the insights of the scientific experts and international statesmen who are also joining us,” emphasized Dr. Daboub, a former Finance Minister of El Salvador.

Global Adaptation Institute, [www.GlobalAdaptationInstitute.com] based in Washington, D.C., will launch later this year. The NGO will enhance awareness of the urgency of adaptation to climate change/”global warming” and other forces, while directly funding projects in developing countries. CEO Dr. Juan Jose Daboub was second in command at the World Bank, overseeing operations in 110 countries.

NGP Energy Capital Management, [www.ngpenergycapital.com], founded in 1988 and based in Irving, Texas, is a $9.5 billion firm that invests in the natural resources sector through its investment vehicles: Natural Gas Partners and its related co-investment funds, NGP Capital Resources Company (Nasdaq: NGPC), NGP Energy Technology Partners, L.P., NGP Global Adaptation Partners, L.P. and NGP Midstream and Resources, L.P.

SOURCE Global Adaptation Institute

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