Modular pH Control Systems Produce Clean Water for Concrete Industry

September 17, 2010

WENDELL, N.C., Sept. 17 /PRNewswire/ — Fortrans Inc. announces three new updated pH control and monitoring systems that use CO2 gas to neutralize high pH process water and lower total suspended solids in process water at ready-mixed concrete plants. The Model 5000S pH Control and Monitoring System offers precise pH control, monitoring of pH, and lowers “Total Suspended Solids” of process water contained in pits, settling basins and lagoons. Use of the system will provide clean water that meets the EPA criteria to discharge to the environment or to recycle.

New options include electronic flow monitoring with permanent data logging and a modular discharge unit that will monitor and record discharge data such as date, pH, and total gallons discharged. Data logger software will enable written chart or tabular information to be permanently stored on SD card or computer disc. Ethernet connection provided for Internet monitoring.

The pH Control and Monitoring Systems offer proven technology to enable operators of ready-mixed concrete plants to control the pH and total suspended solids of process water. After the pH is lowered to 7.5 the typical total suspended solids are between 10-18 mg/L without filtration. This enables the facility to meet the pH requirements as well as TSS limits before the water can be released. In addition, the treated water may be recycled to batch concrete, irrigate rock, or for truck rinsing.

The Model 5000S systems cost 60% to 70% less to operate and maintain than acid based pH control systems and are much safer than acid systems. The systems do not require a separate tank and are guaranteed to perform to the owner’s satisfaction.

The units are shipped fully assembled and only require an electrical connection and a supply of carbon dioxide gas plus a C02 regulator.

The systems will treat approximately 70,000 gallons over 24 hours. Dual feed high capacity systems are also available up to 200,000 GPD.

Over 300 of these systems are operating at ready-mixed concrete plants in the USA and Canada. The systems feature low maintenance, are highly reliable and affordable. Fortrans has a wealth of knowledge in this technology and has provided concrete producers with an affordable and guaranteed solution for treating high pH process water over the last 8 years. One company in the Boston area saved approximately $500,000 per year in water storage and disposal costs after installing a Model 5000SK system.

Model 5000B pH Control System:


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