American Elements Continuing to Produce and Stock all Grades of Rare Earth Metals and Compounds

September 27, 2010

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 27 /PRNewswire/ — Los Angeles-based American Elements issued a statement today confirming that it continues to produce and ship rare earth metals and compounds globally during this period of uncertainty in the Chinese rare earth market. The statement is intended primarily to advise U.S., European and Japanese companies that rely on American Elements’ rare earth production and global stocks.

“We’ve been inundated with requests for assurance of our continued capabilities, particularly last week, and a general announcement seemed appropriate,” said American Elements’ Chief Operating Officer. “We continue to produce and ship cerium, lanthanum, didymium and neodymium as well as all the other elements in the lanthanide series,” he said.

American Elements has manufactured rare earth metals and compounds for nearly two decades originally in an exclusive arrangement with the Molycorp mine in Mountain Pass, California before its closure in 1999 when American Elements moved rare earth operations to the Baotou region of Inner Mongolia. It also produces erbium, yttrium, dysprosium, gadolinium and europium products from mining sources in Southern China.

For further information or to schedule an interview in connection with this press release, please email publicrelations@americanelements.com or fax Sonia Scott, Communications Director at (1)310-208-0351. For further technical and pricing information on American Elements’ rare earth products, please see http://www.americanelements.com/rare-earths.html or contact American Elements U.S. corporate headquarters at (1)310-208-0551 and customerservice@americanelements.com.

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