L.R. Kimball Encourages Public Awareness of Public Act 167 Funding Issues and Potential Consequences and Alternatives in Pennsylvania

September 27, 2010

EBENSBURG, Pa., Sept. 27 /PRNewswire/ — Passed by the state legislature in 1978 and fueled by increased urbanization statewide, Public Act 167 was designed to reimburse up to 75 percent of communities’ costs to create and update comprehensive stormwater management plans contracted through the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Once developed, the plans are designed to help communities mitigate increased stormwater runoff and downstream flooding risks associated with urbanization. The act also sets standards for developers to maintain baseline hydrologic conditions in all Pennsylvania counties.

At the start of Pennsylvania’s 2011 budget year on July 1, P.A. 167 funding to counties across the state was eliminated. While the state honored its existing countywide stormwater management contracts through June 30, 2010, all will be asked to self-fund their own plans after this date, regardless of their individual progress toward completion. Phase one of the process involves establishing scope and budget for plan development, with phase two centering on plan development and execution. The second phase also includes development of hydrologic models and supporting ordinances required to enact plans.

L.R. Kimball experts have served as architects of P.A. 167, and as advisers to the Pennsylvania DEP in transitioning from a watershed-based to a countywide program approach. The company also assists several Pennsylvania counties in developing stormwater management plans. David French, Business Development Manager with L.R. Kimball, says if counties are unable to self-support these plans, the elimination of P.A. 167 funding could leave communities minimally prepared to mitigate runoff and flooding, and could present undue risks to water quality and future development.

“To overcome this funding challenge, an alternative approach for the Commonwealth could be to consider thinking about stormwater management as a utility similar to water and sewerage systems. This will help counties and municipalities develop fee structures, provide for the financial viability for stormwater management and determine precisely how they will implement fees to maintain a revenue stream,” said French.

L.R. Kimball recently released an educational white paper, “Economy and Ecology: New Approaches to Stormwater Management” that outlines how traditional stormwater management approaches are evolving. The white paper provides guidance to municipalities on new fee structure approaches and how they can develop a comprehensive watershed approach to stormwater management. To download the white paper, visit www.lrkimball.com.

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