Tijuana, Mexico: First Sustainable City for Social and Economic Innovation at World Expo 2010 Shanghai

September 29, 2010

MEXICO CITY, Sept. 29 /PRNewswire/ — Through its sustainable urban development coordinating agency, UN-Habitat, the United Nations chose the Valle San Pedro Integral and Sustainable Urban Development (DUIS, by its acronym in Spanish), located in the city of Tijuana, to be showcased on October 9th at the International Expo 2010 Shanghai.

With the running theme “Better city, better life,” Expo 2010 Shanghai will become the place to express a common goal: planning future urban environments with a better life in mind, as well as the international community’s focus on creating future policies, strategies and sustainable urban development.

The United Nations selected DUIS Valle San Pedro, developed by URBI, for being the first certified Integral and Sustainable Urban Development in Mexico aiming at closing the historical gap in urban planning, acknowledging its place as one of the most important comprehensive and large-scale projects in the world .

With the potential to house a million residents in the next 20 years, Valle San Pedro allows Urbi to direct investments for maximum tapping and harnessing of land to be used for housing and economically productive activities for the population, with a focus on the lower-income segment.

Through UN-Habitat, international experts will have an opportunity to present new design ideas and solutions, improvements to contemporary cities, as well as the challenges and opportunities of globalization, to demonstrate how to maximize wealth and creativity for the benefit of the population.

“We are exploring the benefits and risks of urban development to be able to drive and transform the world’s cities in a more positive way, having Mexico as a participant with the Valle San Pedro project was crucial, as it is the first sustainable city for social and economic innovation that we know will bring a new type of development to Tijuana,” said Andrew Rudd, UN-Habitat representative at the Expo 2010 Shanghai.

“The participation of DUIS Valle San Pedro in the Expo 2010 Shanghai is an example of the advances made in terms of sustainable housing in public policy. This DUIS has brought about new mechanisms that allow the three levels of government to work side by side with the private sector under a single vision: the development of sustainable housing and communities in our country,” said Ariel Cano, CONAVI’s General Director.

The Mexican delegation will present DUIS Valle San Pedro on October 9th, and on the 10th, SEDESOL will join Urbi at the UN-Habitat Forum for Opportunities in Urban Development. For more information, please contact: http://www.unshanghaiexpo.org/events-calendar/

Urbi Desarrollos Urbanos S.A.B. de C.V. (MSE: URBI*) is the leading housing developer in Mexico. Currently, Urbi is present in 32 cities, covering the main metropolitan areas and the most dynamic medium-size cities in the country. In over 28 years of operations, Urbi has developed over 340,000 homes, and has always conducted its business with a strong emphasis on financial performance, making it one of the most profitable companies in the sector.

SOURCE Urbi Desarrollos Urbanos S.A.B. de C.V.

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