Simplimatic Automates Puck Storage, Loading, and Unloading

November 1, 2010

LYNCHBURG, Va., Nov. 1, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Simplimatic Automation, a leading supplier of material-handling systems, introduces automated puck handling and storage with the Puck Loader/Unloader. This “first to market” solution automates the loading, unloading and storage of pucks.

“This new product will reduce puck damage, improve labor efficiency, and increase flexibility on filling lines,” according to Tom DiNardo, President of Simplimatic Automation.

The unit can be configured with options as a puck-line loader, a puck-line unloader, or both, enabling a variety of line configurations.

“Until now, puck handling, storage, and retrieval have been problematic for companies using pucks to increase efficiency and quality in their filing processes,” says DiNardo. “The Puck Loader/Unloader keeps pucks efficiently organized, safe from damage, and makes them easy to transport.”

The Puck Loader/Unloader is a modular machine that consists of an elevator mechanism that accepts and locates a cart and then positions the cart to load and/or unload pucks to and from a conveyor spur. The machine is enclosed and guarded to facilitate safe operation.

“The Puck Loader/Unloader is an outgrowth of Simplimatic’s customer-centered systems based approach to problem solving that continues to set us apart in CPG manufacturing,” said DiNardo.

Simplimatic Automation, Lynchburg, Va., designs and manufactures material-handling and automation systems used in a variety of industries for packaging and assembly. Simplimatic Automation is a portfolio company of Danville Partners, LLC through Danville Automation Holdings, LLC, which is composed of Simplimatic Automation, Advantage Puck Technologies and Multi-Flex® Inc. For more information, visit www.simplimatic.com, www.adv-puck.com or www.multi-flex.net.

Danville Partners, LLC is a Cleveland, OH, business-development partnership that uses private equity investment to build entrepreneurial companies. Focusing on small- and middle-market companies, Danville helps its portfolio businesses achieve their maximum growth potential. For more information, visit www.danvillepartners.com.

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