Breakthrough Quiet Puck(TM) Technology Reduces Noise Level by 20 Times dBa

November 1, 2010

CORRY, Pa., Nov. 1, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Advantage Puck Technologies, a provider of pucks used by CPG manufacturers to stabilize otherwise unstable containers throughout the filling process, has introduced an innovative puck design that drastically reduces the noise levels made when pucks collide.

Proprietary engineered materials give Quiet Puck(TM) its noise-absorbing advantage without sacrificing the greater throughput, fewer changeovers, and reduced line downtime that pucks provide. In tests, patented Quiet Puck(TM) reduced noise levels by as much as 20 dBa. One user, an international personal-care products manufacturer, reduced its dBa levels by 18 dBa and is considering eliminating hearing protection in the now-quieter filling area of its plant.

“The noise in most manufacturing plants is terrible,” according to Norman Bodek, a manufacturing productivity expert and author of dozens of books on improving performance. “Anything that can be done to reduce noise will benefit employees and productivity. We try to solve this problem by having people wear earplugs so that they don’t go deaf later on in life. But the most innovative plants that I’ve seen are eliminating noise by changing the machinery and tools that they use.”

According to Michael A. Gaudiani, chairman of Advantage Puck Technologies and managing partner of Danville Partners, LLC, the company began investigating noise-absorbing technology after in-depth discussions with customers.

“Engineers from Advantage Puck and Simplimatic Automation worked with our customers to provide a solution that simply isn’t available elsewhere,” Gaudiani said. “Less noise makes for a safer, more productive environment.”

Advantage Puck Technologies, LLC, Corry, Pa., is an innovative designer and manufacturer of puck and injection-molded carriers used internationally in packaging and manufacturing processes. Advantage Puck Technologies is owned by Danville Partners LLC through Danville Automation Holdings, which is composed of Simplimatic Automation, Advantage Puck Technologies and Multi-Flex® Inc. For more information, visit www.adv-puck.com, www.simplimaticautomation.com or www.multi-flex.net.

Danville Partners, LLC, is a Cleveland, OH, business-development partnership that uses private equity investment to build entrepreneurial companies. Focusing on small- and middle-market companies, Danville helps its portfolio businesses achieve their maximum growth potential. For more information, visit www.danvillepartners.com.

    Luis Castro
    Danville Partners, LLC

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