Alternative Petroleum Technologies Begins Operating Emulsion Blending Unit for Industrial Fuel in Latin America

November 3, 2010

LUXEMBOURG, Nov. 3 /PRNewswire/ — Alternative Petroleum Technologies S.A. (“APT”) announced today that it has completed the commissioning of its 15 million liters per year capacity blending unit with its Joint Venture partner, Navipac, in Ecuador. The blending unit is being utilized to support the Joint Venture’s agreement with a large Ecuadorian consumer of heavy fuel oil in industrial boilers used for roasting coffee beans.

“Despite subsidized fuel prices in Ecuador, APT’s emulsion technology for fuel oil is delivering environmental emission advantages at a lower net price to the customer under commercial testing underway,” said Ramon Espinel, Navipac’s top executive. Mr. Espinel further stated that initial results being generated were better than originally expected which sets a strong foundation for customer growth.

About Alternative Petroleum Technologies (www.altpetrol.com)

Alternative Petroleum Technologies S.A. is the holding company for a group of environmental technology companies dedicated to all aspects of cost-effective solutions to environmental problems. We offer technologies and expertise to help operators of compression-ignition engines and industrial boilers meet increasingly stringent emissions requirements. We are developing new ways to help international power plant operators meet the constantly growing demand for electricity with heavier oil products that are made cleaner and more economical. And we are meeting the challenge of providing even cleaner biodiesel fuels with new generations of emulsified fuels.

For more information please contact APT at info@altpetrol.com.

About Navipac. (http://www.navipac.com/)

Navipac S.A. (Navipac) has been supplying petroleum products and bunkering services in Ecuador and the region since 1952. Navipac was the first, and is the largest, private tanker owner and tanker operator in Ecuador. It has been recognized internationally as a regional leader in both in the quality of its services as well as introducing safety and technological advances to the industry.

Navipac is a third-generation company and its founder introduced the first petroleum refinery to Ecuador.

For more information please contact Navipac at bunkers@navipac.com or visit its website www.navipac.com


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