WISeKey Presents at the Microsoft Asia Pacific Defense Forum its CertifyID Armored Edition and ArmoredBox

November 5, 2010

SINGAPORE, November 5, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — WISeKey provides the
aerospace and defense industry’s only PKI (public key infrastructure) -based
communications bridge where information can be stored and shared widely,
securely, effectively and affordably between defense partners, suppliers and
customers. WISeKey has built a special edition of its CertifyID Armored
providing through a combination of hardware and software a secure high
performance encryption platform for a series of data governance applications
and services that can be implemented, ensuring data sovereignty and security
from mobile communications to securing end to end fiber optics using quantum

The CertifyID Armored edition includes the ArmoredBox(TM) which provides
defense clients with a flexible PKI and encryption platform that addresses
the needs of the largest defense departments that have a requirement for best
practices, software, encryption technologies and services to establish
cross-organizational trusted identities and identity-based services. This
allows defense industry members to conduct secure electronic transactions
with the assurance that they’re following a common set of defense policies
and procedures compatible with government agency regulations.

Certified Armored edition helps Defense industry members create a totally
secure encrypted and access controlled network environment protected by
trusted IDs and X.509 authentication. CertifyID Armored ensures specific
construction of trusted IDs of authorized users and devices on the network
after secure authentication to directory and SQL sources. Supporting
multi-domain environments, concise construction of entity distinguished names
from authenticated sources, rejection of unauthorized request and null
attributes, hardware agnosticism, fault tolerance, and more; CertifyID
Armored is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of serious network security

For 11 years, WISeKey has been a driving force in all aspects of Trusted
PKI, including security issues, data sovereignty, policies and standards.


    Olivia Ward


Source: newswire

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