L.A. County Parking Ticket Trap, Outrage On Camera: Full Disclosure Network® Video

November 9, 2010

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 9, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — A fleet of parking enforcement officers were lying in wait to issue the $60 tickets to many of the one hundred unsuspecting visitors to the Burton Chace Park Community Room in Marina del Rey on Saturday, October 30(th) for the 19th Anniversary of the Full Disclosure Network®. Watch this video to see the public outrage in interviews with victims of parking meters and enforcement policies who were attending the event. http://www.fulldisclosure.net/Blogs/91.php

2 Hour Parking Limit For 3 Hour Event

Because the parking meters took quarters only, for each ten minutes, most visitors did not have the required eighteen quarters necessary to pay for the entire three-hours during the event in the Community Room. But even if the visitors did have enough quarters they would have exceeded the two-hour parking limit as posted on the meters. According to the parking ticket victims appearing in the video, many if not most of the parking meters were malfunctioning, resulting in $50 parking tickets. Watch this one-minute video of a parking enforcement officer issuing a ticket to a person who parked in a non-working parking meter space. http://fulldisclosure.net/videos/vb91_interview.mov

L.A. County Division Parking Chief Caught On Camera

A nearby county operated parking lot designated for “overflow parking” cost $8 for 24 hours but the ticketing machine was malfunctioning with confusing and conflicting instructions, as demonstrated in the video. Visitors were ticketed $60 for failing to abide by the confusing instructions.

Parking Victims Appearing in the Video:

Althea Shaw,Tommie Shaw, Bill Edwards, Fred Sotille, T.J. Johnston, Leslie Dutton, Tony Mazeika and Danute Mazeika

County Officials Defend Parking Enforcement Abuse:

Appearing in the video is Paul Wong, Division Chief, Planning Division and Debra Talbot, PR/Marketing Dept of the L A County Department of Beaches & Harbors

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