JUSTUS Clothing Customers Help The Homeless Through 1-4-1 Underwear Donation Program

November 9, 2010

DETROIT, Nov. 9, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Clothing manufacturer and e-tailer, The JUSTUS Clothing Company, is pleased to announce its recently launched 1-4-1 Program. Under the 1-4-1 Program, for every item purchased on the company’s website, www.justusclothing.com, a new pair of underwear is given away to a homeless shelter for those in need.

The first community programs to receive donations are The LA Youth Network (Los Angeles), Union Rescue Mission (Los Angeles), Compass Family Services (San Francisco), the Ruth Ellis Center (Detroit), StreeThreads (Detroit), the Ali Forney Center (New York), and City Gospel Mission (Cincinnati). The program seeks to work with shelters that share the company’s JUSTUS-4-All philosophy – a dedication to a world that does not discriminate against people based on their race, religion, age, orientation, or gender.

The JUSTUS Clothing Company was established in 2002 by two friends, Phil Elam and Mike Boila, as a progressive company offering men and women comfortable, style-driven apparel at an affordable price. JUSTUS is a business inspired by a passion to make a difference for its customers as well as for those in need. In fact, underwear has become much more than the company’s popular flagship product, but an outward symbol of hope and equality.

“At JUSTUS, we are truly passionate about making a positive difference in our community and we are thrilled that our clothing line can help in such a meaningful way,” said Boila. “Our aim is to spread the message that we are all the same at the most basic level. JUSTUS is designed to be a clothing line for everyone.”

Unfortunately, in today’s society, too many people take having a clean pair of underwear for granted. This reality hit close to home for Phil and Mike when they first started working with a local homeless shelter. They soon realized that having access to life’s basic necessities, like a clean pair of underwear, was severely lacking for far too many people and were inspired to try to make a difference. Homelessness is a nationwide problem that affects an estimated 671,859 people on any given night in the United States.* Determined to be part of the change, they launched JUSTUS’ 1-4-1 Program. For every item purchased from JUSTUS, a pair of new underwear is donated to a homeless shelter: one for one.

“I am so glad JUSTUS’ 1-4-1 Program is dedicated to giving back to the community. The situation here is extremely dire,” said Alexandra Monsibaez, Gift-In-Kind Representative of Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles. “We are seeing an increased need as many families are being affected by this tough economic climate and are feeling the crushing blow of experiencing homelessness – many for the very first time. We appreciate JUSTUS’ willingness to step up during this time of need with such a generosity.”

“Most people today don’t realize that something so basic like a new pair of underwear can bring a level of equality to this world,” said Elam. “The 1-4-1 Program helps to fill a vital and often overlooked need for so many in this country who are forced to go without the essentials.”

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*Source: The National Coalition for the Homeless


JUSTUS Clothing Company, based in Troy, Michigan, offers comfortable, style-driven apparel at an affordable price. The JUSTUS clothing line includes men’s underwear, briefs, men’s boxers, boxer shorts, thermals, cotton t-shirts, vintage shirts, cotton tee shirts, screen t-shirts, thermals shirts, ribbed t-shirts, graphic t-shirts, retro t-shirts, and imprinted t-shirts. To learn more about JUSTUS, please visit www.justusclothing.com

About 1-4-1

The JUSTUS 1-4-1 Program is dedicated to helping the cause of homelessness. For every item purchased from JUSTUS on its website, www.justusclothing.com, a pair of new underwear will be donated to a homeless shelter: one for one. For more information on the 1-4-1 Program, please visit www.justusclothing.com/justus141


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