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November 10, 2010

PITTSBURGH, Nov. 10 /PRNewswire/ — As busy moms continue to turn to canned foods as a way to save time in the kitchen, the Canned Food Alliance (CFA) developed an easy way for home cooks to incorporate one canned ingredient into an ordinary dish to make it an extraordinary meal. Whether it’s a homemade soup, salad or mac and cheese in a box, there is no need to learn an entirely new recipe. Instead, why not consider calling on your mental cookbook and the pantry as an easy way for you to increase the nutritional value of a dish, boost flavor, and even cut preparation time? Just adding one canned ingredient can make a go-to favorite even better without breaking the budget or your busy schedule.

Before you can start applying the “Just Add One” concept to your family’s favorite recipes, however, be sure to stock up on plenty of nutrient-rich, pantry staples like canned fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains this winter. This will not only save you trips to the grocery store, but you’ll also have plenty of convenient, healthful options on hand to create healthy meals on the go.

The “Just Add One” program makes creating healthy meals easy with meal planning tools like the “Just Add One” Nutrition Wheel and “Just Add One” Recipe Box that home cooks can use as a way to dial up quick, creative, everyday meal solutions that lead to healthful family choices. Found at Mealtime.org, a list of Top 20 “Just Add One” Recipes submitted by everyday home cooks can also be used as a resource when looking to spice up your favorite go-to recipes.

Bring the “Just Add One” Concept Home for the Holidays

To help spread the word and inspire moms to just add one canned ingredient to their favorite go-to recipes, the CFA partnered with Erin Chase, one of Nielsen’s Top 50 Power Moms and author of $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook: 200 Recipes for Quick, Delicious and Nourishing Meals. Erin, who shares daily mealtime tips and recipe ideas through her blog, www.5dollardinners.com, is an expert on creating inexpensive and nutritious meals for families. In fact, Erin is holding a Thanksgiving Healthy Holidays contest to encourage nutritious eating during the holiday season.

Beginning November 15 and running through the 17, Erin will ask her readers to visit Mealtime.org and share their favorite “Just Add One” reci-tip on her blog as well as on their own personal blog. Readers will also be encouraged to share a favorite holiday dish that could be made better by just adding one canned ingredient in order to win the grand prize of a $100 gift card to their favorite grocery store.

America Recycles Day is Around the Corner

Moms not only want to make the right choices in the kitchen, but they also want to feel good about the environment. Steel cans are the most recycled food containers with an annual recycling rate of over 65 percent. Recycling steel cans saves energy and natural resources, so recycling your food cans does a lot to help the environment.

Steel cans are accepted at nearly 7,500 curbside recycling programs throughout the U.S. and each steel can is made of a minimum of 25 percent of recycled material. As America Recycles Day approaches, the CFA urges canned food users to add recycling to their recipe.

About the Canned Food Alliance

The Canned Food Alliance (CFA) promotes the nutritional and convenience benefits of canned food through outreach to consumers and food professionals. The CFA website, www.Mealtime.org is home to hundreds of canned food facts, tips, research and findings and easy recipes that provide creative, nutritious meal solutions.

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