Global Adaptation Institute’s World Meeting on Adaptation Metrics Draws Top Experts

November 15, 2010

WASHINGTON, Nov. 15, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The new climate group “Global Adaptation Institute” hosted fifteen prominent experts at its First International Workshop on Global Adaptation Metrics. (www.GlobalAdaptationInstitute.org)

Amid estimates that climate change adaptation may require US$150-200 billion annually in public and private investment, Global Adaptation Institute gathered scientists, researchers and economists from top international universities, consultancies, and research centers to analyze the use of indices of climate change vulnerability, adaptation readiness and environmental resilience.

Institute CEO Dr. Juan Jose Daboub, formerly Managing Director of the World Bank, emphasized that “clear, rigorous metrics are vital to assure that the maximum benefit from adaptation investment is achieved and that decisions are based on priorities not politics.”

Among the experts participating were:

Nicholas Brooks (University of Oxford), William Clark (Harvard University), Bob Edwards (NGP Global Adaptation Partners, London), Lisa Horrocks (AEA, United Kingdom), Daniel Kauffman, (Brookings Institution), Heather McGray (World Resources Institute), Marc Miles (Global Economic Solutions, Boston), Mark Myers (University of Alaska), Ian Noble (World Bank), Richard Stewart (New York University), Caroline Sullivan (Southern Cross University, Australia), Claudio Szlafsztein (Federal University of Parana, Brazil), and others.

Caroline Sullivan discussed the Water Poverty Index and noted that an adaptation strategy must address both social behavior and biophysical vulnerabilities.

Daniel Kauffman and Marc Miles identified key elements that make indices useful, verifiable, and influential.

Bob Edwards addressed technical and political issues surrounding Adaptation indicators, calling for metrics that can serve two purposes: to help prioritize investment in Adaptation and to measure the impact and progress towards greater resilience.

Global Adaptation Institute seeks pragmatic action on the critical environmental issue of adaptation to climate change (‘global warming‘) and will officially launch on December 1(st) in Washington at the National Press Club presenting a new perspective on climate solutions. Institute CEO Dr. Daboub will then leave for the Cancun climate conference where he will speak at the World Climate Summit during the UNFCCC COP-16 meetings, focusing on action by the private sector.

Former President of Spain Jose Maria Aznar, Chair of the Advisory Council of Global Adaptation Institute, in September addressed a work session on climate change adaptation sponsored by the Institute with representatives from the United States, Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, East Asia and Australia, including former presidents, a former president of the World Bank, corporate leaders, philanthropists, and experts from top universities, think tanks, and foundations.

Ken Hersh, CEO of NGP Energy Capital Management, a $9.5 billion natural resources investment firm based in Irving, Texas, pledged $10M to Global Adaptation Institute.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has stressed the urgency of climate change adaptation, “We must get very serious about adaptation and we must do so now. There is no time to lose.”

Daboub, speaking to reporters at Climate Week NYC in September explained “It will be positive if the UN Framework Conference on Climate Change (UNFCCC) increases its focus on Adaptation, but vulnerable populations can’t wait for the Kyoto Protocol or other global treaties on carbon and greenhouse gases to save them. Private investment is absolutely vital. Our Institute will directly fund initiatives that build resilience to climate change. Food/agriculture, water, energy and coastal protection are urgent. Faced with a changing environment, societies must adapt or perish,” Daboub declared.

Global Adaptation Institute’s YouTube Channel features content on Adaptation in ten languages. www.youtube.com/user/GlobalAdaptation#g/u

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