Save a Dolphin – Grant it Citizenship

November 17, 2010

KIEV, Ukraine, November 17, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Volodymyr Boreiko, a
Ukrainian ecologist, came up with an idea to grant citizenship to dolphins.
According to him, this will prevent the dolphins from extinction, largely
caused by the brutal behavior of humans. This conviction impelled Boreiko to
address the President of Ukraine. Also, the Ukrainian ecologist plans to
raise the issue internationally.

“The attempts of endowing animals with human rights in order to protect
them are scant and do not carry the international scale. I believe that
calling to the public concern and collaboration should be the first step
towards the future reforms and changes for the better,” stressed Boreiko.

Several countries have already acknowledged the legal rights for the
animals. Spain, for instance, became the first state to extend certain human
rights to the apes. In New Zealand the Animal Welfare Act prohibits the
involvement of great apes for experiments that would be of use to humans. In
Ecuador the legal protection is envisioned both for flora and fauna and is
stipulated in the state’s Constitution. Meanwhile, Volodymyr Boreiko intends
to launch a national and then an international movement to ensure that the
rights of dolphins and other extinguishing species are recognized by much
greater number of countries and international organizations.

Latest scientific research of dolphins’ brain proved that these mammals
are more mentally advanced than chimpanzees and are considered to be the most
intelligent creatures after humans. Dolphins can distinguish themselves in
the mirror and learn the basic language of symbols.

According to the 2008 International Union for Conservation of Nature Red
List of Threatened Species, out of 37 species of dolphins that live today, 8
subpopulations are considered critically endangered while 2 species and 3
subspecies are classified as endangered. Dolphins all over the world are
currently suffering dramatic declines because of marine pollution, illegal
dynamite fishing, entanglement in the fishing equipment etc. With only a
couple of dozens of individuals left, Baiji Dolphin is one of the world’s
rarest mammals listed among 10 most endangered species on the planet. Others
include the Pinta Island tortoise, Iberian Lynx, Red Wolf etc.

All three species of dolphins which inhabit the Black Sea today are
listed in the Red Book of Ukraine.

SOURCE Worldwide News Ukraine

Source: newswire

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