Riveting New Memoir Presents Previously Untold Story of the Auto Racing Careers of Movie Legend Paul Newman, Actor Tom Cruise, and Football Legend Walter Payton

November 22, 2010

CLEVELAND, Nov. 22, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — A chance meeting with actor Paul Newman at a remote racetrack in West Virginia marked the beginning of a relationship with author A. J. Graziano that lasted twelve years. In his riveting new memoir Racing with the Stars (Decent Hill), Graziano reveals how Paul Newman became lead driver for the Bob Sharp Racing Team. The gradual progression of Newman’s skills as a driver reached a high point for the racing team with the addition of actor Tom Cruise and football legend Walter Payton as team drivers. This incredible, never-before-told story portrays a side to Newman, Cruise, and Payton on the race track that would surprise, impress, and maybe even shock some of their most ardent fans.

This enthralling book projects a strong behind-the-scenes feel, with highlights on personal relationships that include humorous incidents as well as accounts of triumph and tragedy. Detailed descriptions of races that the celebrities participated in are provided in the book, along with accounts of racing triumphs, accomplishments and failures from some of the most impressive race tracks across the country, from Road Atlanta to Lime Rock to Mid-Ohio to the spectacular Burke Lakefront Airport race track right on the shores of Lake Erie. Also published for the very first time are over 30 never-before-seen pictures of Newman, Cruise, and Payton taken by the author and his wife during the more than a decade of personal friendship that developed between them, the celebrities, and members of the racing team.

Although the breakup of the Bob Sharp racing team ended the author’s incredible odyssey, Paul Newman continued racing well into his later years. An epilogue provides the reader with an up-to-date account of the main characters. This is a book every auto racing fan, movie fan, and football fan of all ages would enjoy. To learn more about this author and his exciting new memoir, visit www.DecentHill.com.

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