2010 Vinho Verde Harvest Report: High Quality Despite Variable Weather Conditions

November 30, 2010

NEW YORK, Nov. 30, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — The Vinho Verde Regional Viticultural Commission (CVRVV) is happy to announce that the harvest period, which ended in late October, has resulted in a 2010 vintage characterized by balance and quality.

After a cold and wet winter in the Vinho Verde region, bud-break was slightly later than usual, and the water in the soil led to increased vigor and a good rate of bud-break. Variable weather conditions followed bud break, but higher temperatures in the second week of May sparked earlier-than-usual flowering in Alvarinho, Avesso and Borracal. Flowering of other varieties quickly followed.

High temperatures preceded the earlier-than-usual start to the veraison period. Despite beginning early, the duration of veraison was longer than most, due to high temperatures in July and August that caused water and heat stress.

Just before harvest, which began in early September, high temperatures and extremely low rainfall allowed the grapes to develop a harmonious balance of fruit and acidity.

“Vintners in Vinho Verde are very pleased with the 2010 harvest which provided the balance that makes Vinho Verde wines so crisp and vivacious,” said Manuel Pinheiro, Executive President of the CVRVV.

The 2010 harvest yielded approximately an 8% higher quantity than the 2009 harvest.

About The Vinho Verde Regional Viticultural Commission

The Comissao de Viticultura da Regiao dos Vinhos Verdes (CVRVV- Vinho Verde Regional Viticultural Commission) was created in 1926 to regulate the production and marketing of Vinho Verde. It is an inter-professional organization with the objective of defending the regional and national heritage that makes up the Vinho Verde Controlled Appellation of Origin (CAO) and the Minho Geographic Indication (GI). For more information, visit www.vinhoverde.pt/en/.

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